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Wild West Saga

A grandiose and adventurous music theme tributes the authentic sound of Italian Spaghetti Western movies. An epic ride rendered by a triumphal march of galloping snare drums, accompanied by a powerful orchestra with all the ingredients of the genre: iconic trumpet theme, tremolo and acoustic guitars...

Navajo Trails

Atmospheric and cinematic Native American traditional music with elements of Spaghetti Western. Mystical, wandering mood, perfect underscore for panoramic and adventurous sceneries, both film and documentary. Featuring traditional flutes, percussions and lap-steel guitar.

Cultural Heritage

Proud and bold, with classical music elements: powerful staccato strings and lush melodic theme by violins, joyful woodwinds and majestic timpani in the backgorund. Awe-inspiring mood, confident feel, perfect for fantasy and adventure cues, history documentaries, patriotic videos, real estate promo...

Gigantic Panoramic View

Gigantic, emotional, cinematic, inspiring, motivational and uplifting piece of orchestral music for film, tv, trailers, commercials. Instantly recognisable positive mood with piano, string ostinato, building up to a full orchestral finale with huge drums, percussion and big brass. Perfect background...

Oriental Landscapes

A soft atmospheric piece that invokes visions of soaring panoramic views with an Oriental touch. Soothing Chinese Xiao flute, gentle strings and inspirational Chinese Guzheng.

Highland Spirit

Highland Spirit is a dynamic dramatic cinematic track with soaring melodies and inspirational percussion. Invoking images of adventures across Celtic lands with huge panoramic views.

Cinematic Science

Atmospheric, mysterious, dramatic but hopeful, sci-fi soundtrack, featuring piano, strings, synths, deep basses. Perfect for: science research videos, dramatic scientific reportage, corporate tech projects, innovation, artificial intelligence projects, science fiction, pollution reportage videos, ...

Wildlife Sceneries

Majestic orchestral music score perfect for documentaries and epic scenes. Full orchestra with strings, brass, percussions and woodwinds. The music has a unmistakable cinematic atmosphere, and expresses an idea of challenge, struggle for the victory.

Drone Ambient Soundscape

Minimalistic drone ambient track with slow and subtle harmonic variations. The relaxing and meditative mood of this track is perfect for: documentary, relaxing video, nature or space video, majestic and panoramic landscapes, meditation background and much more.

A Majestic View

This is an inspiring, emotional cinematic piece, with a grand piano, airy strings, and light flute. Best for documentaries, fantasy films, or video games.
Yann Keerim
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