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Calm, peaceful, lofi background music for travel videos and drone flight content.

Above The Clouds

A piece of hybrid ambient music, using atmospheric synth pads in conjunction with orchestral strings, orchestral percussion and big brass. Great as background music for drone flight videos, aerials, space documentaries, space films, visuals. 3 edits available: Main Edit, Short Edit 1, Short Edit 2

Give Me One Good Reason

This is a pop/rock song that incorporates electronic elements. It’s a very depressing and emotional song. Its about living with regret and seeing no reason to keep going on.


The Continuum is an incredible feeling of freedom and space. Positive and melodramatic notes. Atmospheric guitar parts, orchestral violins combined with synthesizers and percussion effects convey a rich mood and a flight of imagination.


Drum and bass composition using a guitar loop, inspired by Van Halen and Appolo 440. Very energetic, driving, with an interesting hole (bridge) and final coda. Perfect for advertising and more. There are two versions in the archive: Space – 2:25 Space Short – 00:18

Catch a Rainbow

Beautiful and deep music with huge space and calming mood. Nice background for corporate and promotional videos, product advertising, nature views, drone videos, inspiring speeches, real estate promos, travel and adventure videos, or many more.

Inspirational piano and strings

Uplifting royalty free cinematic electronica music underscore with feel-good and inspiring feel, it works great for inspiring storytelling video, emotional heartfelt vlog, film, and commercial business use.

Neural Network

Futuristic sounding pop with synth pads and light synth patterns.

Ambient Atmospheres

Atmospheric flight impressive space. Mesmerizing mood. Drones. National geographic. Natural beauty. Ambitious spectacular scope.

Dragon Flight

Dragon Flight is an epic cinematic track. You can hear a lot of pure thick strings riff, roaring brass and magic woodwinds. Punchy drums and a lot of groovy percussion make this track sound more aggressive and driving. This track will be great first of all for cinematic fairytales with dragons))) bu...

Action Sports and Adventure Trailer Rock

This track has an energetic, adventurous, exciting and inviting structure with its aggressive electric guitar sound, synthesizer and powerful drum sound. It is suitable for all sports, action, trailers, movies, nature images, all moving and energetic scenes. BPM:134 The versions: Full Version > 02...

Motivational Corporate

Motivational Corporate is a move to success, confidence, cleanliness and lightness, a flight to the sky, an inspiring and uplifting road to the sun! Instruments: piano, crash, percussion, reversed piano, drums, bass, electric guitars, acoustic guitar, strings, background sounds. It’s great for c...


Inspiration&Motivation is a road to success, confidence, cleanliness and lightness, a flight to the sky, an inspiring road to the sun! This wonderful melody is filled with bright sounds of easy percussion, a reversed piano, steady drums, nice bass lines, electric guitars, acoustic guitar strums, str...
Yann Keerim
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