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Love to create electronic music, and if you can use it in your project its even better! Living in Norway with my family.

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Happy Dance Piano

Happy song with dance beat and piano. Using cool and modern synth sounds. Could work well for VLOG type content and uplifting content. This pack includes the following edits: Edits that is easy for you to use in social media such as Instagram. High quality MP3 files included for easy use. Main Tra...

Extrasolar Dance Action

High energy and powerful futuristic technology sounding background music. Action dance track combined with piano, arpeggiated synthesizers and a tight and clear beat. The main mood gives a sense of accomplishment, or a serious success story. Technology projects, futuristic and sci-fi should also b...

Event Horizon

Explosive hard hitting futuristic sci-fi sounding piece. Pumping side chained basslines with euphoric arpeggiated synth lines. Tasteful quirky effects coupled with a club beat guaranteed to make you move on the dance floor! Perfect for technology or futuristic media projects. Could also be used as ...

Industrial Element 115

A uplifting, modern electronic music piece. Synthwave and retrowave vibes in this track, using slightly distorted retro synths, piano, bass and some effects in the background. This cool background music track is perfect for, futuristic digital content, sport and hi-tech sci-fi. It can also be used i...

Techno Discharge

A highly modern aggressive techno track with a melodic touch. Fuzzy synths and a strong powerful beat. Perfect for technology, sci-fi and tech oriented content. Track consists of bass, drums, and tasteful distorted synthesizers.

Business Dance

Business dance is a positive and motivational electronic audio track. Clear and crispy synth leads with a simple and happy melody playing along. Can be used for corporate product promo, slideshow / presentation, advertisement or as background music on a multitude of media.

Lets Go Home

Serious sounding electronic melody. Can convey a sense of high profile accomplishments. The mood of this dance background track is atmospheric and dreamy. Tight bassline, beat, synths with soft piano in the background.

Doing the Grind

Electronic technology oriented track. Could be used as a "modern" motivational corporate music track. The emotion of a serious business is applicable to this piece as well. While this track may be usable in your corporate presentation or it could also be used for motivational infographics, vlogs or ...
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