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From The Sky (V1)

Ambient song with vocals and Vibrato piano, with warm and nostalgic qualities.


An atmospheric minimal Piano piece with spacious Foley recordings in the background, ideal for tender scenes.

Blue Sky

"Blue Sky" is a gentle and serene ambient meditation that invites you to bask in the tranquil embrace of the vast blue sky. As you listen, allow yourself to be carried away on a journey of liberation and healing. Just like the reassuring presence of a clear blue sky, this composition aims to uplift ...

Satie - Gymnopedie n. 2

Tender and emotional relax. Classical piano masterpiece by Erik Satie (1866-1925).

Satie - Gymnopedie n. 1

Peaceful and beautiful. Classical piano masterpiece by Erik Satie (1866-1925).

Listz - Un sospiro

Romantic and dreamy. Classical piano masterpiece by Franz Liszt (1811-1886).


A soft piano track with strings background, leading to an emotional orchestral climax. Ideal for background music in videos, emotional scenes, presentations, or whenever a soft and sentimental atmosphere is needed.

Last Chance at Love

A melancholic piano and strings track with a soft and sparse melody creating a nostalgic atmosphere. Great for background music in videos, presentations, films and various other sentimental content.

Just The Way You Are (Orchestral Sweet)

Inspiring, melodic soft orchestral track with intense emotional impact. Melancholic but not sad, the mood is sweet with a sense of serendipity.

We Are Free Now (Melodic NewAge Adventure)

Orchestral classical NewAge, intensly emotional with inspiring hope and beautiful melody. Uplifting serendipity.
Yann Keerim
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