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After Clubbing

instrumental friendly and pleasant jazz music with hip hop grooves, composed for trumpet, saxophone, electric piano, piano drums, ideal background for advertising, promos and commercials.

Evening Relaxation

A gentle and relaxing track with a hypnotic feel. Perfect for calming scenes, nature, mindfulness, relaxation, and much more.

O Christmas Tree

A solo piano and piano and flute version all in one of the famous Christmas carol "O Christmas Tree". A chill, light version perfect for behind Christmas quiet scenes, any seasonal activity, and certainly around the Christmas tree.

Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee

This is an ambient solo piano version of the Christian hymn with melody by Ludwig van Beethoven. Perfect for either religious or classical music uses.

Joy to the World

A beautiful and gently played nylon guitar arrangement of the public domain Christmas carol, "Joy to the World" with added harmonics and soft pad. Perfect for the more dramatic, and quieter moments of Christmas videos and presentations.

The Curse (Dark Atmospheric Orchestral)

A dark and atmospheric orchestral track, with a low strings and glockenspiel opening, a haunting cello melody, leading to a full orchestra emotional climax. Great for background music in videos, films, children projects and other productions.

Safe in Your Arms

A soft and nostalgic piano melody with soft strings background, creating a romantic and calm atmosphere. Perfect for background music in romantic trailers, films, YouTube videos and wherever an emotional tone is needed.

Naughty Not Nice

Glockenspiel and piano going from major to minor, creating a playful and slightly mysterious atmosphere, staying at a festive spirit. Great for background music in Christmas videos, promotions, advertisements, presentations and other media needing a holiday feeliing.

Christmas Eve Story

Magical, mysterious, and beautiful, enchanting piece of fairy tale & magic music. It evokes feelings of magic, fantasy, fairytale, and wonder in a beautiful, peaceful, and gentle way. Perfect for personal videos, fantastic videos, youtube videos, imaginative and calm product presentations, documenta...

Enchanted Lake

A soft and ethereal music-box like pad melody, creating a relaxing and enchanting atmosphere. Great for background music in children videos, presentations or other projects requiring a calm and sentimental touch.


An atmospheric track with celeste and soft strings background with a second part adding a subtle piano and violins melody. Great for background music in presentations, videos, films or whenever a soft touch of music is needed.
Yann Keerim
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