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Gloomy picture

Dark, scary, suspenseful, ominous, cold, with conclusion For Film and TV Orchestral, Sound design, contrabasses , harp , low breathing , midway built up tension , sudden spooks .

Cello Lament

A very sad and dark cello cue that conveys sadness and misery. Perfect for drama/horror/period films, series, games etc.

Mind Games

Ambient chamber music with pizzicato strings, mallets, groovy drums beat and piano. Reflective and contemplative mood, suspended enigmatic feeling. Perfect for discovery and science documentary, technology oriented products and explainer videos.

Inevitable - Full Mix

Atmospheric, slightly dark and cool synth pop trailer with 1980s and 1990s retro sounds, a melancholic theme, groovy-pulsating synths and a halftime beat.

PHANTOM (Soundscape Synth Tension)

Atmospheric synths with droning mood. Tensive expectation while exploring an unknown dangerous underworld.


Cinematic, dramatic and climactic hybrid orchestral cue. With pulsating beats, synths and percussion. A sense of tension slowly builds to a huge crescendo.

Scientific Inquiry

Tense and mysterious ambient music with gloomy tuned percussions, dark mellow piano, pad ambience and glitchy drums. Concerned, anxious mood, perfect background for suspense scenes, adventure, serious investigations, science documentaries and medical productions.

Bad News

Background ambient music with dark, concerned mood. Questioning mallets patter, gloomy synth pads, glitchy percussions. Perfect for journalistic inquiry, science documentary and medical reports.

Ceremony Opening Awards Fanfare Trailer

Cinematic Style Fanfare track can be perfect Movie opener for your project. It can feet any presentation or logo. Cool Awards opening music track for your project or live event. More Keywords: 9/11, Awards Ceremony, Epic Evolution, Gopro, Olympic Prize Solemn Winner, academy achievement, action, ac...

First Raindrop

A dramatic, futuristic and deeply focused music with abstract high-tech sound. This atmospheric ambient track will be perfect background for drone videos, technology presentations, cutting edge innovations, modern society videos, documentaries, advertising, since developments and sci fi projects.

Prepare For Mission

Thrilling cinematic track for action, suspense scenes. With gloomy atmospheric sound effects and soundscape and edgy synths. Anxious, dangerous mood.
Yann Keerim
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