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A sad story about love, or maybe just about the hard life of people on the planet …

Sad and Slow Piano and Cello

A really depressing slow track, only purpose of which is to make your cry like a little B**.. Baby. i meant to say baby. Featuring piano and a bunch of cellos it`s atmospheric and it sure can set a mood. Perfect for videogame defeat moments, melancholic movies, or for crying in a blanket. REAL ...

Abstract Sad Background

Calm and sad background track featuring piano, marimba, celeste and more. This piece has been produced to work supporting narration and other elements within a media production.

Hopeless Cause

Sad acoustic loopable track with duo acoustic guitars. Suitable for dramatic, sad dramas and documentaries

Heavy Heart

Sad acoustic loopable track with duo acoustic guitars. Somber and emotional. Great for dramatic tv/film underscore, documentaries, and reality tv

Scene City

Dark macabre hiphop track with boys choir, dark piano, & acoustic guitar...Ominous Depressing Vibe good for horror, mystery, and thriller content. Also good for ads and commercials

Sad Depressing Guitar Weeping

Hopeless, misery, desolate, depressing, and nihilistic post rock guitar track. The vibe is very dark,defeated, and sparse. Suitable for post apocalyptic programs, death and despair themed content, and dark commercial/ads

Melancholy Piano Guitar Serenade 2

Piano & guitar Instrumental contemplative track In Minor Key. Puzzled and unsettling vibes. Great for suspense, drama, thriller, crime investigation, and documentaries

Heartbreak Lane

Dual solo guitars with a sad, depressing vibe. Slow tempo with a feeling of defeat and hopelessness. Great for TV/Film montages with this emotionally charged piece

The Lost Ones

Profound emotional composition featuring solo violin, cellos and piano.

Restricted Access

Suspenseful background track featuring piano, strings and ominous synthesizer sounds.

LY Shirts

This is a sad indie pop song about missing your significant other. It evokes feelings of regret and nostalgia.

LY Second Time Around

This is an indie pop song full of nostalgia, regret and dealing with change in life. Great for moving out of town scenes.

LY Revive

This is an indie pop song about heartbreak and missing a former lover. Great for break up scenes.

LY It's Over

This is an indie pop song full of heartbreak, nostalgia and regret. Great for scenes that reminisce about former lovers.

LY I'm Afraid

This is an emotional indie pop song about a girl who is torn up over a break up. This song is drenched in heart ache and honest fear.

LY Careful Now

This is an indie pop song that tells a depressing story about a girl who feels her world is falling apart. Great for scenes about hardships in life.

Dramatic and Emotional

Sentimental cinematic track which packs a lot of emotions. It features a string ensemble consisting of violins, violas and cellos and percussion. It is perfect as underscore or background music in a variety of projects like short movies and films, video games, commercials, advertisements, promos, do...
Yann Keerim
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