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Lyrical, romantic track with orchestral instruments: violin, cello, soft piano. The various rhythmic touches of the violin playing fascinate and positively tune. Let's create cool videos together!


Thoughtful and wistful cinematic solo piano piece. This track may be incorporated into various types of media applications including, but not limited to, commercials, advertisements, film/television and more.

Legacy of Sadness

Highly emotional and sad violin melody set against a dynamic background of strings.

Ambient Relax Acoustic Guitar

An acoustic guitar track filled with emotion and beauty. A perfect background for romantic videos, commercials, proposal videos and videos about nature.

I will always be near

Lyrical atmosphere of this track, is created by means of the piano, a violin, and guitars (acoustic and an electroguitar) and other musical instruments. The melody will approach both for a home video, and for romantic films, trailers, social advertizing or Valentine’s Day projects.

I am not alone

Sentimental, lyrical melody played on piano. Also there is a violin and flute. Perfect for your video memories.

Tinted Windows

Smooth, sad, cenimatic, inspirational- vibe with lyrical vocals. A song about change in ones social behavior at the expense of others feeling animosity toward them

Electro Jazz Fusion

Melodic, lyrical, real, sad, modern, classical, serious, confident, positive, upbeat, uplifting, positive, joyful, harmonious, happy, new, good, live, vital, track

Undeground Hip-Hop

Lyrical, rocking, melodic, real, sad, urban, modern, classic, honest, stable, serious, confident, underground, hip-hop, rap

Upbeat Hip-Hop Kit

Rocking, rhythmic, melodic, strong, good, excellent, serious, new, stylish, quality, different, upbeat, jazz, emotional, explosive, memorable, inspiring, lyrical, dynamic, rhythmic, energetic, harmonious, lightweight, modern, hip-hop, for rap.

Forever Farewell Emotional Piano

A gentle warm piano theme moves forward to a sad conclusion. Surrounded by strings and spacious effects this track works perfectly in scenes and media seeking an emotional undercurrent. A sense of realism is offered through the addition of some real recorded instruments.


A short romantic tune with a classical guitar arpeggio and a lyrical cello melody with Strings background. Great for background music in videos or projects where a sentimental atmosphere is needed.


Decision is a track with a soft piano melody and an oboe and piano lyrical second part, leading to a full orchestra and piano uplifting finale. Perfect for background music in slide-shows and videos, romantic and sentimental productions and more.


A dynamic and emotional orchestral track with a driving percussive background, strings and brass melody and some lyrical piano parts.

The Hero in You

Emotion combined with intensity, creating a sentimental and heroic atmosphere. Lyrical piano and strings melodies alternate with more intense brass and full orchestra parts leading to an inspiring finale.


Nostalgia is a romantic track with a first lyrical part of piano and flute and a second more emotional and uplifting part with horn and piano. Perfect for background music in slide-shows and videos, romantic and sentimental productions and more. Instruments: Piano, Harp, Flute, Strings, Oboe, Horn.

August Moon (Piano & Cello Underscore)

A very lyrical cello melody with piano and strings background, creating a soft and romantic atmosphere. Great for background music in films, videos, commercials or any other project requiring sentimental music.

Remember Me

A very sentimental track with a piano and strings background and a lyrical cello and oboe melody, leading to a very emotional climax. Perfect for background music in romantic trailers, films, YouTube videos and wherever an emotional atmosphere is needed.
Yann Keerim
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