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Strange World

Dark and Introspective, this dystopian theme is ideal for dramatic scenes.

Hallowed Soul

Atmospheric, haunting organ with an eerie, gentle build.

Patient Zero

Him is a instrumental music composed and recorded especially for a film.


Him is a instrumental music composed and recorded especially for a film or video game.

Spooky Halloween Waltz

Spooky Halloween music theme with mysterious music-box, strings tremolos, ghost-like theremin melody, skeletal harpsichord to create a sinister and haunted mood. Perfect for Halloween specials, cinematic promos, amusement parks and commercials.

Ancient Warriors

Ancient Warriors is a mysterious, cinematic and epic soundtrack with dark ancient nordic atmosphere and european ethnic elements. It conveys pictures of european and eurasian steppes landscapes and customs, viking sagas, barbarians and warlords raids. Great fit for history and period documentaries,...

Sanctus - (Epic Gothic Choir)

An enchanting, powerful piece that is atmospheric and inspiring. It features Gothic choirs, brass, strings, orchestral percussion and gong. Works great for movies, trailers, magical and nature themed projects.

A New Day Rising

Organic piano underscore with string elements, woodwinds, guitar and powerful drums sound alike the German gothic band Lacrimosa. With melodic, memorable epic choir melody in the intense final.

Easy Life

haunting, dark, foreboding, sad, piano, ethereal, gothic, dystopia, covid, coronavirus, end times, suspense, pessimistic, stings, orchestral, cinematic


A Haunting Piano composition. Invoking visions of a Dystopic world somewhere in the near future, a tale of hauntings and horror, or perhaps an unsolved mystery. A string ensemble supports the haunting melody and provides an air of suspense.

Through Dark Ages

Dark and somber instrumental epic track, wide and modern. Eery in the beginning with an enormous beautiful big positive and uplifting epic closure. Vibe is rather tensed, hybrid and modern, with big brass and percussion. Ideal for transissions, cinematic impact and opener.

Dark Winter

Eerie orchestral cinematic track perfect for halloween related productions. The swirling strings' staccato, together with the persistent and anxious chords trembling by the piano and with the choir-like pad, contribute to a gloomy, creepy horror atmosphere.

A Threat is Close

A dark orchestral piece full of suspense, anger and tension. Great for cinematic purposes.

Sleepless Nights

This musical classical sounding composition is perfect for intro of video games and films in mystic, horror, detective genres.

It Follows Into the Darkness

A suspense, tension, dark track, with a misterious and dark mood. The opening of the track is just a long buildup of tension which releases into an explosion or climax underlining scary moments, along with some eerie sound effects. Perfect track for suspense films, horror or video transitions.

Viking Warriors

Epic Viking music suitable for trailers and videos for all kinds. Action, strong, dark and atmospehric cinematic soundtrack with ancient nordic and celtic elements. Perfect for film soundtrack, movie trailer, video game soundtrack, strategy game, score for gothic videos, history, documentary,
Yann Keerim
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