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After Battle

Composer: SnowMusicStudio
Powerfull cinematic dramatic epic background music with dynamic orchestral strings, brass, drums, etc. Perfect for action videos and projects.

Space Dock

Composer: Jonathan Wright
A mysterious journey through space and time. A powerful, otherworldly orchestral track. Great for trailers, videos, presentations and documentaries.

Book Of Rhymes

Composer: BekiBeats
Light, calm, atmospheric and very catchy tune with warm and positive mood. This beautiful, gentle, dreamy, inspiring and motivating hip-hop track is perfect for adding emotion to your project. Perfectly suitable for advertisements, animations, presentations, applications, games, slideshows, tutorial...

The Halcyon

Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
Cinematic trailer music for your video production, video game, slideshow, films and more...


Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
Beautiful cinematic orchestral soundtrack for your film production, advertising, video game, television broadcasting and more....

Dancing Hologram

Composer: Michael Adels
Danceable pop song useful for tech themes, image videos and much more.

Medieval Adventure

Composer: Michael Adels
Epic track with lots of medieval instruments like the hurdy gurdy or dulcimer. Perfect choice for cinematic applications in movies or games.

Sakura Device

Composer: Michael Adels
Modern electronic track with chill atmosphere, stutter effects and easy listening melodies. Versatile track for tech themes, underscore, on hold and much more.

Chill Factor

Composer: Michael Adels
Relaxing melodies and a groovy rhythm. Light and flowing mood with organic synth sounds. Some vinyl crackling adds analog warmth. Versatile track for many background applications.

Happy Acoustic Summer

Composer: artsygoat
A feelgood, fresh, positive, light, lively, hopeful, exciting and upbeat happy acoustic indie folk track with a catchy, confident, sensitive, flowing, lovely and sweet melody, uplifting, inspirational, heartwarming, laid-back and caring mood, delicate and optimistic character, featuring strumming an...

This is Happiness

Composer: artsygoat
A happy, fun, energetic, playful, youthful and uplifting swing music track with a fresh, light, sweet, unforgettable and catchy melody, full of joy, loving and positive vibes, unbeatable and hopeful atmosphere, flyaway and bouncy rhythm, featuring ukulele/ukelele, strumming acoustic guitar, fun hand...

Totality - Hybrid Intro

Composer: Jonathan Wright
Epic, cinematic and dramatic hybrid intro, featuring huge hits, distorted synths and cinematic sounds effects. Great for trailers, videos and presentations.

Future Bass Atmosphere

Composer: Melomaker
“Future Bass Atmosphere” is warm, atmospheri? romantic track. Full of energy and motivation for your media projects. Great pads, glide synths and beautiful vocal melody. Good for YouTube content, presentation, adverting, promo and for all what you want!

Summer Adventure Journey

Composer: artsygoat
Atmospheric, uplifting, upbeat and energetic indie pop-folk summer track, confident, soft, optimistic and hopeful with fresh and dreamy vibe, feel good and laid back mood, comes along with an organic composition featuring piano, acoustic guitars, marimba plucks, hand claps, palm muted guitar, electr...

Electronic Romantic Background Love Sentimental Groove

Composer: Melomaker
Calm electronic romantic music for your projects: inspiring advertising, slideshow, light business presentation, background for travel vlog, video about nature and oceans.


Romantic and sentimental music.This track will fit well for touching situations, romantic, documentary, cinematic type projects, advertisement placement.

Feelgood Whistling Upbeat Pop

Composer: artsygoat
An uplifting, motivational, summer, indie pop track, with an unforgettable, catchy and flowing whistling melody, calm, cheerful, unique and dreamy vibe, peaceful, celebratory and lively mood! The smooth and heartwarming atmosphere will take you back to sweet memories! The groove will make you move ...

Sunset Soul

Composer: MusicTrend
This is summer pop and soul music with warm and chill atmosphere. This royalty free track can perfectly fit as background audio for any atmospheric and scenery videos, sunset or sunrise videos, beach, resort spa or ocean view videos, videos from high perspectives, videos from drone, romantic, travel...

True Hope

Composer: MusicTrend
This is inspiring and hopeful cinematic music with acoustic orchestral sound and epic adventure atmosphere. This royalty free track can be a perfect background for films, cinematic and epic videos, adventure and travel videos, as movie soundtrack or trailer, game soundtrack, inspirational and motiva...
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