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Third War

This Instrumental can be use as Intro in the film, In adverts like car dealerships, also in some action scenes.


Dark and mystic hybrid electronic music with mysterious synth and dark atmospheric sounds and deep bass. This music track is perfect for trailers, video games and movies.

Spooky Halloween - Scary, Horror, Choir, Waltz (110 Sec)

A spooky, scary, creepy, halloween holiday music. Alarming beginning develops into an ominous holiday. Instruments features: harpsichord, glockenspiel, toy piano, mysterious pizzicato strings, tremolo strings, theremin, bassoon, spooky brass, dark percussion, choir. Perfectly on any of your Hallo...

In The End

"In The End" - a track that incorporates the traits such as drama, epic, anxiety and action. It is perfect for your movie, trailer or games

Spooky Fun

A lighthearted, spooky and fun Halloween music piece. This track is great for spooky children’s cartoons, costume parties, amusement parks, haunted houses and many more.

World War X

Cinematic trap track. Sounds of the future. Keep the composition in suspense until the very end. Who will win? Who will lose?


A cinematic track great for horror movies. Modern sounding, Trap beat, convenient installation. All sounds draw something dark and terrible in the head.

Atomic Warfare

Stylish trap track for the design of computer toys or films about the post-apocalypse. Heroic mood, fashionable beat, a sense of the future.


Powerful heavy trailer track. Perfect for horror, action, thriller movies and trailers. Included sound design, rockin drums, heavy guitars and electronic pads.

The Courage Gate (Horror Fantasy Mystery Dark Epic Trailer)

Making a scene appear scary require many psychological tricks, but your music choice can be the most influential element. This track is recklessly designed to trigger the deepest fears of your audience and amplify the tension. Potential use cases; horror movie trailer, cinematic film and gaming sou...

Epic Trap Blockbuster

Powerful, inspiring, motivating track in a modern style. They are good at voicing footage of the future. Cyber punk, post-apocalypse, etc. An interesting sound will draw attention to your picture. In the archive are two versions of the track, short and long. Main 3:02 Short 0:53

Horror Halloween

Very creepy horror track for Halloween or horror trailer. Mysterious and horror atmosphere! Perfect for Halloween, Film scores, Horror trailers, Thriller movies, Ghost stories videos, Christmas Horror videos, video games e.t.c
Yann Keerim
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