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Composer: Frank Schlimbach
Western guitar and atmospheric vocals with distant drums. Great for scenes like decision making, thinking and leaving.

In Your Mind

Composer: Frank Schlimbach
Dark, pulsing sound design music with distant voices, risers and epic hits. Great for science fiction trailer, opener and intro. Also usable for pc game underscore. Big epic, intense, powerful final.

Hard Fever - Epic Cinematic

Composer: Lucor
Energetic and powerful cinematic trailer track, featuring driving Strings, forceful Brass, epic Percussion and vigorous Sound Design elements. Ideal for every project where you need to add that extra bit of energy and motivation, such as trailers for video games and films / movies / TV, popular comm...

Within Yourself (Cinematic Hang Drum) [1:34]

Composer: Sotirios Bakas
Cinematic emotional music,suitable for projects who seek music for landscapes,nature,meditation or with a feeling of travelling and discovering. Instruments used: Hang drum,flutes,percussion,bowed cymbals,synths

House Of Theodon

Composer: Frank Schlimbach
Dark, atmospheric orchestral music with super low strings, bells, slow build up and super forceful, intense, epic final ! Great for science fiction, action, battle, adventure and fantasy trailer, opener and intro.

House Of Gimli

Composer: Frank Schlimbach
Hart hitting science fiction, action trailer music with sound design, impacts, low basses. Great for intro, opener and trailers.

Horror Trash

Composer: Frank Schlimbach
Dark, scary horror trailer music for openers, intros and trailers. Unexpected hits, sound design and dark atmospheres.

Garden Eden

Composer: Frank Schlimbach
Epic intense science fiction trailer music with sound design fx, risers, breaks, epic drums and guitars.

Final War

Composer: Frank Schlimbach
Hart hitting trailer music with massive sound design, breaks, risers, downers and epic synthesizers. For science fiction, battle, action and fantasy scenes, trailer, opener, intro and underscore.


Composer: Frank Schlimbach
Epic, super melodic orchestral music for big pictures like Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit and all kind of fantasy and adventure Scenes.

Fantasy Realm

Composer: Frank Schlimbach
Emotional, orchestral music for fantasy and adventure pc games, backgrounds, movies and trailers. Slow build up with epic final.

Electric Eye

Composer: Frank Schlimbach
Hart hitting science fiction trailer music. Also great for fantasy and adventure scenes, openers and intros. Big brass final with massive impacts.
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