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Planning Your Future

Modern corporate music with a trendy sound and motivational atmosphere. Perfect background for business promo videos, product advertising, career success, company presentations, startup promos, real estate videos, youtube and Instagram integrations, TV ads, and commercials.


An epic and bombastic orchestral cue with large strings, brass and woodwinds sections re-enforced by big toms, snares, timpanis and male choirs. Conveys adventure, piratry, heroïsm, war, fantasy worlds etc. Perfect fit for action and adventure games, shows, trailers, movies and many more

Storm Drums

An intense, energetic, balls out percussive piece. Thunderous drum hits, intense risers, impacts and sound design gives this track that big Hollywood blockbuster sound. Great for action, sports, combat or war scenes, movies and games trailers and teasers, intros, commercials, openers etc.

Dark Cinematic Orchestra

Dark Cinematic Orchestra – An ominous orchestral track with big cellos and double bass staccatos accompanied by dangerous brass thematic elements, a spooky theremin and various hollywoodian effects. Perfect to create an ominous, dangerous atmosphere in films, trailers or for halloween parties.

Big impact

Epic cinematic score that would be perfect for action scenes, sport and motivational trailer videos.

Let's Conquer This Mountain!

An instrumental Hard Rock/Heavy Metal track with a powerful electric guitar riff; perfect for vblogs, extreme movie action scenes or commercials. It includes full version (2:09) and looped version (0:10).

Bikes On Fire

Classic hard rock royalty free song with catchy guitar riffs, lively drums and deep bass, great for youtube presentations, slideshows, video games and Vlogs. 4 edits included. Versions included: 1:55 / 0:15 / 0:30 / 1:00

Put In Work

An upbeat, energetic, and engaging percussive track featuring drums, stomps, and handclaps in a pulsating and intense rhythm. Great background soundtrack for commercial, advertising, sports, fitness workout, strong, action, and adventure videos. Composer: Thiago Pospichil Marques (BMI) CAE/IPI # 67...
Yann Keerim
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