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A Weird Tale

An edgy, suspensful and creepy cinematic track with pounding drums, spooky melodies, ethereal guitars and strange sound effects. Great fit for spooky, suspensful and edgy productions in games, films, trailers and many more.


A dark and suspenseful cinematic track with creepy melodies and ethereal sounds. Conveys danger, investigation, doom and more. Great fit for suspens, horror and spooky productions in games, films, trailers, intros and many more.


A dark and brooding theme that conveys mistery and danger. It features a felt piano, synthesizers, psaltery, tubular bells, ethereal fx and percussions. Great fit as an intro, trailer or theme for dark drama, thrillers, sci-fi, horror and any media that requires a dark and hypnotic background music.

Inception Trailer

Neoclassical style with a piano theme, ostinatos of violins and big Wagnerian sounds mixed with arpeggiators. Very powerful music.

Tougher Than You Thought (Powerful Heavy Metal)

Tougher Than You Thought (Powerful Heavy Metal) is an intense, hard-hitting music track that makes an impact with its extreme energy and adrenaline. It features overdriven, distorted electric guitars, bulky sounding bass, percussion and forceful drums. Perfect for commercials, advertising, film scor...

Kung Fu Warriors

An action Kung Fu styled theme mixing brass band, orchestral violins and traditional chinese instruments such as bamboo flute, plucked Ehru, Gu Zheng and other ethnic percussions. It has a Retro vibe like in old kung fu movies but is produced with a modern, clean and punchy sound. Great fit for a...

Cinematic HipHop Tense Dark

It is a dark, tense, suspenseful, impending, imminence, impatience, anxious, urgency, pressure, angry, hard and heavy track. Perfect for violence movie, hard-boiled action, villain's theme and more. The main instrument are symphonic brass, synthesizer, piano, gong.

Cinematic Emergency (Soundtrack)

It is a cinematic music that is aggressive, exciting, powerful, intense, dynamic and hard. There is a version that uses the Chinese instruments and a version that does not use the Chinese instruments. Perfect for battle movie, emergency, fantasy animation and game. == CHINESE INSTRUMENTS == Di-Zi,...

This is Trap [Aggressive and Energetic]

This is a bouncy and energetic track with powerful and aggressive brass stabs, fat and heavy bassline, and big and punchy drums. The aggressive and dynamic mood of the track will fill your project with action and adrenaline. The track is perfect for sports videos, commercials, presentations, opene...

The Angry Blackbird

Epic cinematic trailer music with synth drones and pulses, big brass melody, very big drums and percussion and trailer effects.

Third War

This Instrumental can be use as Intro in the film, In adverts like car dealerships, also in some action scenes.

Extreme Sports

Extreme Sports is a hard, wild, and energetic upbeat rock track with a catchy, aggressive guitar riff and a strong beat. It is an excellent choice for motivational, extreme sports videos, games, backgrounds, films, youtube, tv advertisements, action movies, trailers, commercials and visuals.

Agressive Sport Oriental Trap Opener

Agressive, Modern and powerful oriental trap song with plucky leads, trap bells, electric guitars, oriental percussions, powerful kick and 808 – best for sport opener, fitness advertising, branding and urban promotional related content.
Yann Keerim
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