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Insane Plan

Insane Plan is a modern, epic & intense Hollywood-style trailer cue that slowly builds up to a hard-hitting, high-impact cinematic trailer track. This item is perfect for use as film & videogame trailers, trailer intro, openers, endings, film/movie scenes, video projects, angry and driving videos, c...

Intense Suspense

Suspenseful dark background track presenting an intense sense of urgency. Will work great in media seeking tension and suspense.

Fresh And Fit - Fitness Motivation Trap

Futuristic, high-powered, motivational and hard-hitting future bass trap audio background! It has a great build up, grizzly bass, thunderous brass and atmospheric synths, all topped up with earth-shattering drums! Perfect for Tech tutorials, Action Sports, , Boxing, Auto vlogs, Tutorials, Fitness,...

Bad Love (Epic Dark Dramatic Pop)

A grand, soaring electro-soul song about a broken relationship and being hurt, with haunting female lead vocals, airy piano, strings, keys, pulses, and big percussions, ideal for films, credits, majestic scenery, and horror stories.

Hekledown (Hype) | Electronic, Techno, House / Angry / Extreme Sports

Premium Electronic, Techno, House Instrumental full track in electronic genre. The Audio is Mastered with Elite Analog Hardwares. Mood of this track is angry energetic dancy energetic frantic . Emotion/Mood Valence: negative. Energy: high. Energy Variation: small. Tempo: Fast. BPM: 126. BPM Variati...

We Three Kings

Orchestral Metal version of a classic christmas song in 6/8 time. Dual chuggy guitar leads and rhythm accompanied by choral and brass section. Aggressive epic vibe. Suitable for christmas and holiday action and adventure content. Cool vlogs, and sports

Trappin Fappin

gritty trap hip hop urban track that starts with a wah type guitar riff. Cool abnoxious attitude vibe complete with orchestral hits and synth drones. For sports/action themed content or lifestyle entertainment programming

Raging Full

Hard rock track with drony beginning and a distorted guitar riff driving song. Rap metal genre that’s groovy and driving. Aggressive cool vibe great for action, adventure, and sports content

Blowback Mountain

Bouncy aggressive trap beat with a latin flair. 808s, piano, plucks and claps. Powerful and action packed for TV. Film, commercials, and ads

Rock The Place

This is a rock cinematic in a genre that combines elements of electronic music with rock and cinematic. This song is perfect for promotional videos, commercials, movie trailers, film scores, TV ads, YouTube videos, corporate presentations, and much more!

High Stakes

Heavy, impetuous, triplet rock track with guitars, bass and drums. Perfect for cars, fights and extreme.

On the Blade

The blade track is dark and deep with character. The track is full of determination and deep consciousness. Synthesizers, low percussion, and cinematics effects.

Boiling Blood

Powerful suspenseful track featuring razor sharp guitars, hard-hitting percussive sounds draped in nervous synthesizers. Will work very well in games, trailers or any other media seeking tense musical underscoring.


is a particularly gritty and aggressive form of rock music. The electric guitar is often emphasized through distortion and other effects, either while being used as a rhythm guitar or as a lead guitar. The drums are often used in rhythms that lead the other instruments. The bass guitar is usually ...
Yann Keerim
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