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Far Away

Far Away is an acoustic folklore song about hope and adventure. It features female vocals with lyrics, oud, acoustic guitars, and groovy drums. It is excellent as background music in movies, films, advertisements, video games, and more. Lyrics: Away Far away All the fields of green Lie Beneath the...

Motivational Epic Trailer

Motivational Epic Trailer This is powerful Epical and Motivational track with symphonic instruments like: Strings, Violins, Horns, Piano, Epic Drums and more Perfect for your media Project!

This is the Epic

This is classical powerful epical track with symphonic instruments like: violin, horn and piano, perfect for movies, video games, trailers, private videos and much more…

Attic Imprints

Solemn, Inspirational and Somber Acoustic Country Folk Style Track with Acoustic Guitar and Strings. Great for reflective, dramatic content and vlogs

Military Epic Percussion

A rising epic tribal drums. Perfect for film/game trailers, commercials, epic videos, military projects and so on.

Epical Inspire Trailer

“Epical Inspiration” is a motivational, cinematic uplifting piece of orchestral, royalty free music designed for use in film, television, trailers, commercials, countdowns, new year videos and so much more and it is an instantly recognisable mood setting piece of music introduced with a piano an...

Vietnam Landscape

An ethnic, peaceful track featuring Chinese zither „gu zheng“, asian bells and a beautiful violin melody. Imagine yourself watching over vegetated mountains or endless green rice fields. That’s Vietnam Landscape.

Happy Background

"Happy Background" is widely used and can be used in many commercial fields such as motivational projects, advertising, commercials, drone and pro player videos, slideshows, presentations, and more ...

These Cold Fields

An ambient cinematic music track with an anxious atmospheric vibe featuring saturated strings, synths and music box sounds. Perfect for trailers, nature drone videos, intros and videogames background.

Lotus Flower Fields in Asia

Inspirational contemplative world music made for traditional asian instruments and orchestra, ver nice music for relaxing and spiritual environments, also great for travel and ethnic topics in films and tv series and documentaries.

Hippies On The Fields

An instrumental Rock track, with groovy electric guitars, inspired by the sound of Woodstock festival and late 60s Rock music; perfect for vblogs, commercials, soundtracks, etc.

Find Peace Pack (Alternative Rock) - 4 Versions

Instrumental cinematic music,fully produced,suitable for shots with landscapes,nature and more. This music triggers the imagination of the viewer with the slight Cinematic moo' including instruments such as hang drum, percussion, violins, guitar, harp and electronic sounds.
Yann Keerim
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