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Kevin P Holt is a UK based musician and composer specialising in music and SFX for game, TV and radio. Writing under the name CueTracks his music has been used by many companies, Huawei and Pinch of Nom to name but a few. On TV, Cuetracks music has been heard on Several Romanian channels. Check out more at

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You And I (Cool 70s Reggae)

A classic, old skool reggae track, with a chilled 70s vibe. Features: Bass, guitar, drums, Hammond, piano,brass, steel pan and Rasta vocals. Great for advertising, promotions and travel content. Available in 3 edits, Full , Long and Short.

Ascension (stylish urban hip hop)

A stylish, urban styled track that has many uses. Great for documentaries, films, games, advertising and branding. It features string orchestra, felt piano, old school hip hop beats, vinyl record and ticking clock fx. Available in 2 edits, long and short

The Darkest Sorcery (Epic Underscore)

An enchanting, fantasy themed orchestral underscore that is full of epic darkness. It features choirs, strings, brass and woodwind sections, orchestral percussion, toll bell and ambient FX. Works great for fantasy themed movies, trailers and games. 2 edits available, one is a useful long loop.

Easter Egg Fun (Kids Easter Song)

An original, fun and playful Easter song with children's choir. Great for Easter promotions, ads and branding, TV, radio and children's Easter content. Features: Children's choir, glockenspiel, acoustic guitar, banjo, carousel organ, claps, percussion and boing fx. INSTRUMENTAL VERSION AVAILABLE.

Coffee Shop Friends (Stylish Upbeat Logo)

A stylish, upbeat indie logo that has many uses. features body percussion and claps, guitar, ukulele, whistles and mixed vocals. Works great for sonic branding, podcasts, vlogs, YouTube, fashion, travel and commercial presentations. 2 edits available.

ABC Song (Childrens Alphabet Song)

Two contrasting versions of the popular ABC song. The original mix is soft and acoustic, the LoFi Urban mix features a strong rhythmic vibe giving it a trendy edge. Both feature children singing, versatile and have many uses. Works great for kids and education, ad campaigns and sonic branding. 2 edi...

Whatever It Takes (Urban Orchestral Hip Hop)

A powerful and edgy urban styled track that has many uses. Great for films, documentaries, advertising and branding. It features full string orchestra, filtered piano, lo fi hip hop beats and vinyl record fx. Available in 2 edits, long and short.

Dreaming Of Africa (Inspirational African Trailer)

A rhythmic and uplifting African inspired piece, full of energy and tradition. Great for films with African content, documentaries, travel vlogs, cultural historical scenes, advertisements and more. Features: Traditional African drums and hand percussion, native vocal FX, kora, ngoni, kalimba, marim...

We Have Faith (Lively Shout Style Gospel)

A fast and lively Gospel styled piece singing of faith. Works great for films with religious content, documentaries, travel and church videos. Features: female vocals, female bvs, hammond organ, piano, electric piano, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, hand claps and drums. 2 edits available Long and s...
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