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Danger hides in the shadows. We spend our childhoods convincing ourselves that the dark holds terrible secrets and evil deeds and as we grow, we realise that it is worse than our young minds could have imagined and that true terror will follow you into the darkness. This can be taken literally, ...

Tension movie

Powerful, slightly scary, modern Trap-track. All sounds are chosen so as to cause tension and a sense of danger. Ideal for musical accompaniment film or documentary program.

Texas Dark Police

Cool and powerful cinematic alternative rock track in style of “Breaking Bad” soundtrack and Metallica music. Calm blues and hard rock parts of track is good for video editing.

The Contemplation Game Tension Cue

Suspenseful, dramatic and slightly melancholic background track featuring piano, pizzicato strings and various rhythmic elements. The track paints a picture of contemplation, doubt and reflection and works very well in documentaries, drama, or any other production in need of an original tense music ...

Doubting Decisions Background Loop

Background track with a slightly nervous contemplating tone setting the perfect atmosphere for certain passages in documentaries, film or other productions.

Powerful Sport

Powerful energetic sports track. A mix of Drum and Bass, Breakbeat and Dubstep. Powerful guitar riffs. Fresh, sharp synths and trendy sound. Ideal for music voicing of sports events and other energetic scenes. The archive includes two versions.


Powerful heavy trailer track. Perfect for horror, action, thriller movies and trailers. Included sound design, rockin drums, heavy guitars and electronic pads.

Dissolution (Cinematic Epic Action Drums Trailer Intro)

There are not many music tracks that grab attention from the beginning and last it for the end. However, this track is specifically created to satisfy your audience in that manner and give them goosebumps while building up to a powerful ending note. Potential use cases; epic movie trailer, film and...

Horror Epic Trailer

A powerful track using synthesized effects, low siren, staccato strings, cinematic drums for action-horror trailers, games and other visual projects.

The Background Is Mechanical

Industrial sounding background track consisting of various rhythmic elements. Piano and cello give the track a slightly reflective character. Perfect to use in corporate videos, games, documentaries or other productions that need an energetic and mechanical tone.
Yann Keerim
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