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Upbeat Happy Pop

Uplifting & happy pop indie folk track featuring real electric guitar, female/male vocals & percussion. Corporate and motivational, upbeat and driving music track featuring Ukulele, Acoustic Guitars, Pop drums, electric bass, electric Guitars, Massive percussions, claps and nice catchy Vocal/Bell tu...

Horror Cinematic Hybrid Trailer

Scary, aggressive, building suspense, dark and powerful cinematic trailer / opener with clock ticking, massive impacts, risers and Hollywood hybrid braams created for film trailers, epic teasers, suspense & tension scenes, horrors or creative commercial.

Groovy Downtempo

A groovy deep looped trip hop track. Perfect for Video production, youtube video, corporate video, advertising, background music, presentations, podcasts, TV, background for cafes, restaurants, boutiques an more.

Epic Summer

Epic Summer - it's an epic background music with mega brass part, woodwinds dramatic instruments. Massive inspirational strings, cinematic ensemble it's a core of this track.

Epic Revenge

Epic Revenge - it's an epic background music with mega brass part, woodwinds dramatic instruments. Massive strings sound, cinematic ensemble it's a core of this track.

Mysterious Strangers - Cinematic Trailer Build Up

Ambient, Dark, experimental, electronic and Cinematic Synthwave pop audio background! Perfect for movie trailers, photography tutorials, tech tutorials, gaming intros, gaming shows and twitch presentations, music streams, synthwave live shows and club videos, sport documentaries, architecture logo...

The Urban Warrior - Aggressive Fight MMA Urban Hip Hop

Powerful, action packed, razor sharp and tough as nails rap audio background! Perfect for Action Sports, Fitness, Boxing, MMA, Gaming intros, Travel vlogs and Tech videos!

Adventure Island - Cinematic Epic Build Up Trailer

Powerful, ambient, action packed, inspirational and dramatic cinematic audio background with a tremendous cinematic atmosphere! Perfect for movie trailers, tech tutorials, gaming intros, sport documentaries, architecture logos and vlogs and many more project videos!

Tension Rises

Full mystery orchestra combines with cinematic percussion and FX as the piece builds and grows more epic and heroic. Ads suspense to your video, audio or gaming project.

General Battle

This is an aggressive, distortion guitar, hybrid traler music. This tune will be fine for media projects with themes of an action movie, trailer or advertising video, extreme sports footage, a powerful and massive video.

Pump The Club (30 Sec)

Massive, powerful and modern dance background music with club party energy. This track will give a feeling of cheerfulness, energy and strength. The track contains stylish synths, powerful punch, fat bass, effects and percussion. Perfect for dance parties, nightclub, opening, broadcasts, advertiseme...
Yann Keerim
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