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Limitless Power (Aggressive Victory Theme)

A very aggressive, driven and quite evil Victory Theme which builds to a climax with an epic melody of Horns and ending hits. Perfect for a video game or movie which requires a sense of accomplishment or where the bad guys win.

All For Nothing (Aggressive Defeat/Loss Theme)

An aggressive, almost evil, Deafeat/Loss theme, suitable for video games and movies. Perfect for when the bad guys are losing and are looking for revenge.

Aggressive Urban Intro

Powerfull hard-rock industrial short music. Has slow ambient intro and intensive main part. Used metal guitar, epic drums and modern synth instruments. Can be used in your sports video, logo, cinematic or Tv projects

Aggressive Action

Aggressive, intense, epic and grunge modern background music track with distortion, extreme, hard, Industrial and dubstep instruments. Perfect for action trailers, sports programms, blockbuster movies, army tv, aggressive and dark projects and videos!

Aggressive Breakbeat Loop

A cool breakbeat instrumental track with a lot of bite and energy.

Dubstep Pop

Dynamic background pop music and a glitched out melodic dubstep drop. Perfect for modern advertising and euphoric commercial video, futuristic sunny promo, glamorous fashion show opening, sports youth projects and any kind of cool energetic video.


Monumental cinematic film music with an hopeful, heroic feeling. Great for big moments, games, intro, sport and heroic moments.

Impact Zone

Modern, cinematic hybrid trailer track with massive, nasty brass / synths, fast string ostinatos, exciting risers and an epic choir. Great trailer music for games, battle scenes, monumental moments and sport.

Victory Is Ours (Heroic Victory Theme)

A very heroic and proud victory theme, suitable for video games and movies. It has a long thriving intro which builds to an epic Horn melody. Add this to accomplish a feel of achievement to your project!

Tension Rising (Electronic Suspense Loop)

Dark, suspenseful driven track which is perfect for a video game. From the start it has a dark and futuristic sound to it, complete with guitars and a distortion pad. At 0:26 an ambient and mysterious piano sets in and is soon followed by a snare drum and an underlying chords change. At 1:04 a brigh...

Re-wind (Energetic Dubstep)

A versatile track with both Dubstep and Drum & Bass influences. Suitable for projects like Extreme Sports videos and other projects that need high energy electronic music.
Yann Keerim