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Psychedelic Chaos

A psychedelic dance track with a melodic touch and emphasis on bass. Quirky synths with a strong powerful beat and bassline. Perfect for technology, sci-fi and technology oriented content. Track consists of bass, drums, and tasteful distorted synthesizers. Can also be used in a dystopic setting.

Rockabilly Upbeat Guitar

Energetic, driving, strong and upbeat music with punchy and stylish drums, stomps, claps and guitars.

Dramatic Action Sport Rock

Powerful and aggressive rock sports track featuring heavy piked bass, epic stomps and claps and bright lead harmonic distorted guitars. This track will give your project an energetic and powerful mood. Perfect for advertising, commercials, travel, extreme sport, GoPro, YouTube, slideshows, cross-fit...

Sport Rock (Burn It Down)

This track has action rock a very tight sound crazy distortion and cool modern alternative guitar riffs. It’s really powerful and energetic alternative rock. Strong drums, rock crash and frantic overdrive guitar riffs. If you need strong energy alternative for your video project, this track will a...

High Energy Logo Intro

Strength and power commitment and confidence this logo has it all.

Tension Of Madness

"Tension Of Madness" is powerful and aggressive cinematic music track with dark atmosphere using dark cellos,spooky piano,distorted gutars, brams, horns, alarm, clock, duduk, powerful drums and risers. Perfectly fit crime shows, crime and action scene, trailer intro, movies, detective investigations...

Epic Space Dance

High energy and powerful futuristic space sounding background music. Energetic edm track combined with arpeggiated synthesizers and a tight and clear beat. Main mood gives a sense of accomplishment or mysterious atmosphere. Serious to happy evolving melodies.

Rising Tension

Dramatic cinematic music composition with rising energy. You can hear tense strings ensemble and pusling percussion drums. This music is created with detective movie in mind. You can use it also in documentary, sci-Fi and cosmic video, games and gameplay, trailer, thrilling scene.

Orchestral Dubstep

High energy electronic music track with orchestra. It`s a fusion of dubstep and symphonic orchestra with groovy drums and aggressive synths. In last part you can hear reggae guitar on upbeat.

Dragon Flight

Dragon Flight is an epic cinematic track. You can hear a lot of pure thick strings riff, roaring brass and magic woodwinds. Punchy drums and a lot of groovy percussion make this track sound more aggressive and driving. This track will be great first of all for cinematic fairytales with dragons))) bu...

Cinematic Horror Tension

Ambient horror music theme. Tension vibes, scary mood, creepy atmosphere – this is all in this music. You can use it in wide range of media – from horror film to documentary series, from amatory scary vlogs on Youtube to gaming streams on Twitch.

Countdown Teaser Trailer

This is aggressive hybrid trailer music. Best for cinematic teaser, action promo, game stream intro. You can hear super fury drums, rising synths and effects.

Reach The Sky

An exciting and modern future bass track with energetic vibe - great for action media, trendy projects, powerful advertising, YouTube content and Instagram stories.


This track is full of tension and suspense. It will be great soundtrack for thrillers, scary and dramatic trailers, dark and danger scenes, horror films, suspenseful and emotional drama scenes.
Yann Keerim
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