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Planet Walk (Dark Futuristic Soundscape)

Futuristic sound structure with strange rhythms. A seemingly threatening mood that creates tension.

Free Storm (Aggressive Orchestral Trailer Story)

Quiet violin intro with harp figure leads from 0:39 with synth bass, lively taiko drums and staccato violins into an energy charged main part

Cross Electrostatic Plattform (Aggressive Hybrid Orchestral Electronic)

Cellos and orchestral percussions – accompanied by an analoge bass entity – are switching to electro beat; mid part spherical with electrostatic drone-effect; culmination point unifies beginning and mid part, lead by noisebell lead melody

DeStrukt (Action & Adventure EDM)

Aggressive bright and fast synthesizer vibes. Suitable for action content or exciting adventures!

Absolute Zero (Cinematic Hybrid Action Swagger Rock Trailer)

Action scenes in films require music as the crucial element to reflect the urgency of the motion. This track is carefully designed to support fast-moving scenes to be more pronounced, and punchy as possible. Let your audience feel the difference. Potential use cases; action films, gaming soundtrack...

Cyberpunk (Ransomware)

“Cyberpunk” is cool powerful and energetic track in the style of Cyberpunk and modern dubstep / electro / electronic. This track has distortion electronic bass, powerful drums, energetic acid synth melody and glitch sound fixes. It`s really strong cyberpunk background music with pumped deep agg...

Walking to the Battlefield

Instrumental classical cinematic music made for orchestra, piano, oboe and war drums, ideal for dramatic and epic scenes in films, Tv Series and documentaries. Also great for commecials and advertising.
Yann Keerim
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