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Rock And Drive

This dynamic, rhythmic and expressive track with a recognizable live drive guitar riff is a perfect backdrop for the media and Flash projects, sports videos, corporate video. It also can be used like musical background for websites games and films.

Motivational Uplifting Rock (Promotional)

It is a rock music that is motivational, inspirational, uplifting, cool, exciting, energetic, powerful, dynamic, aggressive, fast, driving, upbeat, exhilarating and positive. Perfect for corporate, promotional videos, documentary movies, teen film, etc.

Motel 66

Powerful, epic cinematic electronic rock hybrid track. Cutting synths and huge percussion are oder of the day with this driving and triumphant track. Perfect for projects needing high quality, exciting music such as film, trailers, gaming, TV, advertising, sports and Youtube videos. 120bpm

Sandstorm-Middle Eastern Cinematic Metal

A cinematic metal track with a Middle Eastern flavour. After an ominous, trailer like intro the track builds into a string and percussion driven theme. Instruments used: acoustic guitars, distorted electric guitar, Turkish violin, baglama, naval, Persian ney, Turkish ney, vocal samples. This track ...


An upbeat and hard hitting Indie Rock instrumental track with strong electric guitar and bass riffs, tight drumming and a feeling of freedom and successful life. This wild Alternative Rock background tune combines an aggressive style with a powerful energy full of youth and enthusiasm. Fits well in ...

Punk not dead

Explosive punk rock track! Dirty, aggressive and energetic punk rock track


Heavy metal track for extreme, sports and other dynamic videos.

Alien Attack

Hi-gained metal track for extreme, sports, game and other videos.

Sports Action Energy Dubstep

Max Energy Dubstep music, with punchy rythm. Perfect choice for any Sport Videos, Energetic motion graphics, Go Pro videos, extreme sports, car commercials, fighting, adventure commercial and more.

Epic Adventure Scene (short version)

Epic and grand cinematic orchestral piece with energetic drum groove. The orchestration is quirky and stylish with an uplifting modern twist. Great for action/adventure/suspense/chase scenes.

At Breaking Point (short version)

A very powerful and punchy track with pounding piano, dark synths and solid Hip Hop drum beat. Great for action, adventure, dramatic, sports, epic, suspense, tension projects.
Yann Keerim
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