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Waters of Inspiration (Inspiring Ambient Corporate Upbeat Uplifting)

Inspiring Ambient Corporate Upbeat Uplifting is an elevating alternative rock track inspired by U2. It features echoey, reverberating electric guitar, a catchy riff, optimistic synths, confident cinematic drums and rippling, wavy background effects. Style: Aerial (High Excitement, Epic Journey), ...


"Opportunity" is an upbeat track created to make your corporate project effective and impactful. Uplifting synths provide a sense of hope and motivation for successful creative endeavours and ventures, while piano chords, drums and a muted electric guitar bring confidence and determination, inspirin...

An Enterprise for the Future

instrumental Corporate electronic music composed for piano, muted guitar, electric guitar, synth plucks, synth pads and drums, ideal for commercials, advertising and ads. Also great for backgrounds and slideshows.

A New Enterprise Has Born

Instrumoental uplifting corporate music made for synthesizers, elecctric guitars and synth pads, ideal for commercials and advertising. Also great for presentations, podcast, slideshows and events.

Successful Enterprise

Instrumental corporate acoustic joyous music, ideal for advertising and commercials, Also great for happy and very optimistic scenes in films, tv series, documentaries and clips.

Hope for a New Enterprise

Instrumental corporate music made for acoustic and electric guitars, strings and pianos, ideal for commercials, advertising and promos. Also great for any productions with optimistic, tech & science and positive success topics.

Black hole (with solo piano)

Piano and beds through space and time. A powerful sci-fi track. Great for trailers, videos, presentations and documentaries.

Successful People

This is a positive uplifting corporate track featuring pop rock instruments like piano drums and bass, strings, pads, acoustic and electric guitars bringing an elegant vibe to your projects. Please listen both versions and choose the energetic rock version 1 or version 2 with a lighter acoustic feel...

Success At Your Fingertips

This inspiring motivational tune features acoustic guitars, piano, custom pads and arpeggiators, strings and an electronic drumbeat to fit any modern corporate need.

Modern Science

Modern Science is an uplifting modern track with chilled pads, glitchy sound effects and a motivational and confident inspirational mood suitable for all kinds of corporate presentations, ads, fashion and technology or science-related content.

Corporate Positive Upbeat Ambient

Instrumental music made for piano, guitars and electronic instruments. The style is close to techno, dance and ambient music. The mood is happy and cheerful and transmits very positive and optimistic feelings in an ethereal background. This music fits perfect as a background for corporate and techno...

The Most Happy Day

Instrumental music made for synthesizers, piano and guitars. The style is corporate and the mood is uplifiting happy. This music fits perfect for corporate productions, as a background. great presence of acoustic guitars and a great happy and uplifting mood, also perfect fit for any happy cheerful a...

Planning Your Future

Modern corporate music with a trendy sound and motivational atmosphere. Perfect background for business promo videos, product advertising, career success, company presentations, startup promos, real estate videos, youtube and Instagram integrations, TV ads, and commercials.
Yann Keerim
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