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Late Night Bossa Nova

Classy, elegant Bossa Nova with late night cocktail lounge feel.

Jazz Piano

Swing jazz piano track. Good for any your videos and projects.

Tinkling The Ivories

A sophisticated jazzy cocktail lounge piece performed on solo grand piano. Great for emotional, classy background music.

There Is Always Hope

A melancholic, elegant solo piano piece with a sentimental cinematic feel. Perfect for melodic, classy background music or jazzy cocktail lounge music.

Samba Festival

Upbeat, energetic Samba with elegant cocktail lounge feel. Melodic, light-hearted and fun. Great for happy scene.

Martini Time

Solo piano piece with jazz cocktail lounge feel. Great for elegant, classy background music.

Groovy Blues

Lively, uplifting Jazz-Blues track with classy piano, bass and drums. Happy, carefree feel to get your feet tapping! Great for elegant background music!

Elegant Cocktail Lounge

A charming, romantic piece beautifully performed on solo grand piano. Sophisticated, elegant feel.

Doing The Bossa Favour

A very seductive & smooth latin bossa nova with an elegant, charming late-night cocktail lounge feel. Perfect for light, sophisticated background music.

An Elegant Evening

A charming, romantic piece beautifully performed on solo grand piano. Sophisticated, elegant feel.

Ice Cocktail 2

Chillout relaxed electronic instrumental track perfect for slideshows, timelapse videos, lounge room, coffee house, restaurant and hotels and another projects.

Ice Cocktail

Nice chillout easy listening relaxed music with harmonics, synth and sweet guitars. Perfect for your corporate, travel, family video, presentation, slideshow or another projects.

Jazzy advertising

Nice Jazzy,Acoustic,Live,Motivational,Inspirational,Corporate,Commercial ,instrumental composition for your projects. This is a jazzy, cocktail music intro with live instruments upright bass piano and vibraphone. For beginning of your successful multimedia projects.
Yann Keerim
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