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80s Retro Synth Pop

Retro 80s synth pop with big punchy drums, vintage synths and cool pulsating bass lines! Fun and energetic track with a nostalgic 80s vibe. Best for advertising, commercials, montages, action and sports videos!

A Moment Of Peace

Peaceful and mellow piano music, accompanied with ambient strings and electric guitars! Best for projects with a melancholy mood!

Larger Than Life

Peaceful, bright and ambient music track with an optimistic and positive vibe. Electric guitars, layered synths and some ambient strings makes this track perfect as underscore for documentaries, drama and Podcasts!

Fun Pop

This track is full of fun, sunny mood. It`s a middle tempo music with straight beat. You can hear strings, lead melody synth, 80s style bells, electric guitar and groovy drums.

Dance Funky Jazzy Deep House

Groovy, funky, jazzy deep house track. You can hear a lot of creative effects, a lot of percussion, electric guitars, rhodes and funny vocal shouts “wow”. This track is best for youtube vlogs, party style commercials, bar and chill zone, brand presentation, luxury fashion reviews and innovative ...


Inspiring corporate track with catchy positive melody. Live acoustic and electric guitars, pluck synths and guitar harmonics, strings and rock drums makes your project memorable. Will be perfect background for corporate presentations, travel vlogs, wide range of TV and radio commercials.

Quirky Playful Fun Rock

Fun indie pop rock with quirky and playful mood. Bells, live acoustic and electric guitars, choir vocals and pumpy drums will uplifting and inspiring your customers. Well suited for teen and children media projects, vacation and travel vlogs, family oriented commercials, curious animals videos and...

Heavy Sports Rock

achievement, action, advertising, bright, cars, catchy, commercial, cool, drive, driving, electric guitar, energetic, energy, extreme, hard, intro, modern, motivational, power, powerful, race, rock, sport, strong, stylish, teaser, trailer

Green Pepper Chilli Track

A fresh and driving indie rock track with catchy electric guitar sounds.Perfect for any uplifting, motivational and inspiring videos, commercials, corporate projects, movie trailers, radio, presentations, games, youtube videos, travel videos, cooking videos, sports video, footages, films, advertisin...

Inspiring Motivational Corporate

Inspiring corporate track with bright electric guitar melody, clean and catchy guitar harmonics and huge epic drums breaks. It will be perfect choice for energetic corporate videos, digital marketing companies, viral youtube videos, technology presentations, explainers and shout out advertising, na...

Uplifting Corporate

Positive and dynamic corporate with live acoustic and electric guitars makes strong and inspiring mood. Starts simple it become more complex in the end with couple of cheerful strings, pleasant piano melody and bright glockenspiel.

Make Us Stronger (Ebow Guitar Drone)

Ambient cinematic guitar music suitable for projects seeking for a nostalgic and minimal guitar feel into the music Suitable for projects, commercials, advertising, marketing campaigns, YouTube videos and more!

Make Us Stronger (Sentimental Guitar) (Solo Guitar)

Ambient cinematic guitar music suitable for projects seeking for a nostalgic and minimal guitar feel into the music Suitable for projects, commercials, advertising, marketing campaigns, YouTube videos and more!

Corporate Indie Rock (Solo Guitar)

Corporate Indie rock music featuring electric guitars. Suitable for projects, commercials, advertising, marketing campaigns, YouTube videos and more who seek a corporate, dreamy and inspirational feel into the music.

For What It's Worth - 60 sec.

Fun, upbeat and positive track with piano lead. Nice melody. Similar in style to George Winston, or Bruce Hornsby. Great for background narrative for commercial, or branding. Light rock. Loving and relational. Elegant and romantic. Positively emotional vibe. Laid back and encouraging. Smooth and eve...


Happy pop EDM song. Great electric guitars, huge drums and beautiful synths.

Dreamy Mood

Light acoustic theme with incredible heartwarming female singing. Acoustic guitar, bells, slide electric guitar makes fairy, peaceful atmosphere. Will be great for travel and lifestyle vlogs, family oriented commercials, romantic wedding videos, ads with children, corporate presentations and many mo...

Travel The World

Travel The World is an inspiring music with solid urban beat. Explore the world, branding new products, sport and lifestyle – all this themes perfect suit with this music. In arrangement you can hear live drums, live acoustic and electric guitars, beautiful epic synths and more percussion.

Uplifting Rock

Uplifting Rock is an inspiring light music. You can hear live electric guitars, piano, bells, drums and claps. This music can be beautiful background for storytelling, corporate and travel video and radio projects.

Hope for a New Enterprise

Instrumental corporate music made for acoustic and electric guitars, strings and pianos, ideal for commercials, advertising and promos. Also great for any productions with optimistic, tech & science and positive success topics.
Yann Keerim
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