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Hip Hop (Stand By Me)

This nostalgic, summer, energetic hip-hop track in New York Boom Bap style is perfect for urban, city, street, graffiti, lifestyle videos, extreme sports videos, videos about cars, sports highlights, fashion, travel and promotion videos, technology and gadget videos, video blogs and more.

Chinese Dynasty

Chinese Dynasty is an epic piece of music in style of the famous chinese composer Tan Dun. It's made with typical instruments like the bamboo bawu-flute, chinese percussion, portamento strings, guzheng zither and male choir. This music brings the ancient China to your project.

Crazy Flute - Loop Version

Energetic and rhythmic flute with playful hip-hop background, for hightech visuals, newest technologies, innovations and extreme video or any kind media video project. Hope you enjoy it and will find the use of. Thanks for listening and purchasing :)

Anime Rock Intro

BMP: 160 Joyful Anime Rock piece - Great for anime ,sports, advertising, commercials and fast scenes that needs energetic feel. MOOD: upbeat and uplifting, successful energetic music, exciting and inspiring, optimistic and strong. FEATURES: rock guitars, happy energetic vibe. GENRE: Rock. S...


Mellow and organic chillout track, with acoustic drums, bass groove and emotive piano, building throughout and climaxing with laid back lead guitar outro.


Driving toms and orchestral brass, with bass and sparkling guitar. Perfect for visuals demanding an engaging theme with grit and momentum.

Stadium Stomps Intro

Powerful intro energetic intense dynamic stomp. Perfect for trailer, intro, opener, teaser, promo, film, event, slideshow, movie, documentary, sport video. Instruments: stomps, claps, drums.

No Limits

High power energy rock track. Ideal for web videos, advertising, sports, travel, trailers, youtube, tv, action movies, commercials and team building.

Electric Tornado

Drum’n’bass active rock with guitars, synths and d’n’b beat. Perfect for action videos, sports, extreme, cars and other dynamic videos

No Fear

Loud spy track with guitar, symphonic and drums. Modernised with cool beats and some rock elements. Perfect for trailers, game videos, adv.

Countdown On

Drive alternative nu-metal track with overdriven guitar riffs in an aggressive and powerful style. Perfect for extreme, cars, bikes, boxing and other dynamic adv and videos.

Keep Going Forward

This is a focused corporate track for promo videos, advertising, and presentations. Featuring instruments are electric guitar, piano, acoustic guitar, synth bass, pads, catchy drums. Also fits for TV commercials, real estate, gadget reviews, youtube, travel videos, or so.
Yann Keerim
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