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Corporate&Holiday Groove

Upbeat, positive, inspirational corporate track with piano and electric acoustic, guitars, also has holiday vibe.. available in 5 edits Corporate & Holiday Main Corporate & Holiday Edit2 Corporate & Holiday Edit3 Corporate & Holiday Essential Corporate & Holiday Looped Groove

New Begining (groove)

Upbeat and positive corporate or inspirational track with U2 like guitars and pianos available in 4 edits: New Beginning (main) New Beginning (packed) New Beginning (essential) New Beginning (looped groove)

Wedding Photo (groove)

Spacious and inspirational track with electric and acoustic guitars and romantic piano theme available in 3 edits: Wedding photo (main) Wedding photo (essential) Wedding photo (looped groove)

Vibrant Dream (groove)

Smooth and ambient track with guitars and positive groove , relaxing and inspiering Available i 5 edits: Vibrant Dream (main) Vibrant Dream (edit2) Vibrant Dream (edit3) Vibrant Dream (essential) Vibrant Dream (looped groove)

Sleek samba (groove)

Upbeat urban track with latin feel , positive and groovy with piano and acoustic guitar, available in 4 edits: Sleek Samba (main) Sleek Samba (packed) Sleek Samba (essential) Sleek Samba (looped groove)

Empiria (groove)

Upbeat and positive with portable piano and celeste playing theme and U2 guitar in background, inspiring and motivational track available in 5 edits: Empiria (main) Empiria (edit2) Empiria (edit3) Empiria (essential) Empiria (looped groove)

Fun Funky Groove

Funny upbeat positive corporate track. Used guitars, brass, clavi, jazz organ, bass, drums and vinyl scratches. Gives good, positive and optimistic mood for your YouTube video, bussinnes promo, corporate project, Tv programms, background music, childrens or family videos.

Difference (groove)

Upbeat, positive, inspirational track with piano and electric guitars, available in 4 edits Difference (main) Difference (packed) Difference (essential) Difference (looped groove)

On My Way (Smooth Jazz, Funk, Groove, Pop)

Smooth Jazz Composition with warm and modern sound. Main instruments are drum kit, piano, guitars, soft synth, swelling pads and strings. Beautiful groovy and funky track for any Video, Radio, Media and Multimedia Projects.

WithoutConfrontation (groove)

Latin based rhythm and mood, with acoustic guitar,piano and orchestration, inspirational lively and passionate.. available in 5 edits WithoutConfrontationLatin main, WithoutConfrontationLatin edit1 WithoutConfrontationLatin edit2 WithoutConfrontationLatin essential WithoutConfrontationLatin lo...

Inspirational Bolero (groove)

Inspirational track with recognizable changes for corporate motivational music but with little more energy to it and authentic touch that live instruments give, percussion,,accordion. Theme played on piano.. Available in 4 edits Inspirational Bolero (main) Inspirational Bolero (packed) ...

FirstDance Corporate (groove)

Latin dance and inspirational track with piano riff and acoustic guitars, electric guitar in inspirational groove, positive, inspirational and romantic available in 4 edits First Dance (main) First Dance (packed) First Dance (essential) First Dance (looped groove)

DeepSpaceRomance (groove)

Hi-tech energetic, action underscore or game available in 5 edits: DeepSpaceRomance (1main) DeepSpaceRomance (edit1) DeepSpaceRomance (edit2) DeepSpaceRomance (essential) DeepSpaceRomance (looped groove)

BackShiftCorporate (groove)

Inspirational background track with piano riffs and ambient u2 like guitars, lively and positive available in 5 edits BackShiftCorporate (1main); BackShiftCorporate (edit2) ;BackShiftCorporate (edit3) BackShiftCorporate (essential); BackShiftCorporate (looped groove)

Old Times (groove)

Funky and jazzy track with acid groove and jazz guitar theme, lively and smooth.. available in 4 edits Old times (main) Old times (packed) Old times (essential) Old times (groove-looped)

SilverBulletCorporate (groove)

Corporate inspirational track with smooth development, electric U2 guitar, acoustic acompaniment, piano theme and glock available in 4 edits.. SilverBulletCorporate (1main) SilverBulletCorporate (packed) SilverBulletCorporate (essential) SilverBulletCorporate (groove-looped)
Yann Keerim