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Room 8

Beautiful, contemplative, intimate piano-led track with gentle string arrangement. Perfect for projects needing high quality, emotive music such as film, trailers, gaming, TV, advertising, sports and Youtube videos. 101bpm

Dreamy Jazz Ballad

Add a touch of finesse with this dreamy Jazz ballad. flowing piano and soft drums and bass.

You Care for Me

A tender, kind hearted, and romantic country ballad. With an organic sound, acoustic folk guitar, upright bass, Wurlitzer piano and soft brushes. Optimistic melody on the piano and beautiful sentimental harmonies.

Ballad Emotional Grand Piano and String Instrumental

Ballad Emotional Grand Piano and String Instrumental is A hopeful, inspirational and lovely soundtrack. Ideal for Film Scores, emotional romantic scenes, drones, Filled with heartfelt love and emotions and ultimately will uplift you to a feeling of joy !


An acoustic melancholic ballad with an ending climax

Romantic Piano Ballad

Sentimental and full of love pop ballad with r`n`b drums. You can hear piano, drums and dreamy orchestra in the middle part. You can use it for love stories, wedding videos, sentimental memories videos and all producta about relationships, health and care.

The Long Goodbye

Melancholic and romantic piano theme supported by acoustic guitar and strings.

Melancholia (emotional piano)

Melancholia (emotional piano) is a sweet, soft, slow piano track. Good for advertisements, descriptive videos and soundtracks. Instruments used: piano + a soft carpet of strings.

With the Boys

An instrumental retro Pop track with harmonized vocals in Doo Woop style, and a very happy mood. Perfect for vlogs.


Elegant and melodic piano opening followed by delicate fingerpicked acoustic guitar. Builds with pads and male vocals, creating a sense of warmth and beauty. Perfect background music for adverts, commercials, TV, YouTube videos, short films, movies, documentaries and more. Available versions (as p...

Remembering All of You

An emotional, epic cinematic ballad that begins with a soft piano line which grows stronger with beautiful strings. It features a beautiful solo English Horn and solo Trumpet. The mood is calm, dramatic, nostalgic and emotional. This is perfect for heroic funerals, slideshows, or memorials.
Yann Keerim
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