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Family Moments

Lovely, fairy, dreamy and inspirational piano based music. Perfect for wedding and romantic videos, slideshows, time-lapses and more!

Small Talk

Great for tv or movie scenes dealing with relationship problems or a breakup. Full version of a song rooted in 90s alternative rock, featuring a slight emo vibe. Lyrics deal with relationships, confusion, guilt and remorse. Medium-to-slow tempo (84 BPM). Full band arrangement featuring electric g...

Derail [PACK]

Great for action-drama TV and movie scenes. Works well in moments of contemplation or suspense. Brooding vibe. 90s-inspired hard rock, with a slow, grinding almost sludgy feel (reminiscent of the grunge/post-grunge days). Features full band ensemble including distorted electric guitars, bass, drum...

Hanging on by a Thread [PACK]

Reminiscent of 90s grunge and alternative rock. Lyrics deal with anxiety and depression, but music has a slight uplifting, radio-friendly vibe. Full band arrangement including male vocals, electric guitar, bass and drums. Features a guitar solo. Big, catchy chorus. Mid Tempo (78 BPM). Great for tv...

Morning Prayer

In the depths of the COVID-19 lockdown in the 2020s, the contemplative strains of "Morning Prayer" emerged from solitude, finding expression through the delicate keys of solo piano. Crafted as a serene testimony to those desolate hours, this piece reflects a personal prayer of resilience and unwaver...

Autumn Trees

Uplifting piano motives, elegant and sweeping violins, emotional swells and tender, sentimental moments combine for a rich, inspirational experience

Schumann - Kinderszenen Op. 15 - n. 1

Simple and tender like a lullaby. Classical piano masterpiece by Schumann (1810-1856).
Yann Keerim
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