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An entire collection of handpicked corporate stock music for videos and presentations. Motivational tracks to enhance your video productions and inspire!

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Upbeat And Positive

Upbeat And Positive track with a happy, fun and energetic feel. Featuring whistle, claps, ukulele, bells, acoustic elements and guitars.

Corporate Pop

An uplifting and triumphant corporate pop track for inspiring and motivational media projects. Also very suitable for background music for motivational speeches, YouTube intros, Facebook and Instagram videos, corporate/business videos, commercials, marketing, startup videos,success story videos, pr...

More Than Luck

The song contains fresh guitars, melodic piano notes, clean sounding drums and beautiful background elements. These sounds combined creates a really uplifting and euphoric feeling. Giving a positive feeling to your media project. Best for presentation, background music, video projects, web page musi...

Start Your Day

Positive and motivational upbeat pop rock track with a youthful and energetic sound. Perfect for commercials and any application that needs a lively feel.

Sweet September

Light and relaxed pop with a positive and optimistic mood.


An evolving pop song with different synth-, guitar- and drum elements; climax around 1:46 with additional distorted guitar pattern.


This optimistic and motivating corporate track stays for teamwork, optimism, visions, fairplay. The right choice for impressive multimedia projects.

New World

A futuristic track with arpeggio elements, rhythm guitar and synthlines. Very atmospheric and hypnotic feel. Perfect choice for futuristic or high tech jobs.

Summer Delight (loop)

An upbeat melodic theme with a relaxed vibe. Fender rhodes piano, and guitar.

Positive Backdrops 01

a joyful melodic corporate theme with arpeggiated guitars, acoustic piano and airy synth pads.

Slow Groove (loop)

A groovy underscore with acoustic piano, soft synth pads and syncopated drums.

Percussive Drones 03

An evolving drone with a pulsating bass and a scifi atmosphere.

Retro Sun (loop)

a happy uptempo electronic groove with fender rhodes, synth bass and electronic drums

Pencil and Paper (loop)

a slow funky underscore with fender rhodes piano, acoustic guitar and syncopated drums

Overtone Flowers

A dreamy pulsating underscore with organic textures and arpeggiated guitars.

Moment of Truth (loop)

an upbeat acoustic underscore with strumming guitars and piano

MJ Shuffle 01 (loop)

Laid back easy listening theme with acoustic guitar, piano and organ.

Meeting Point (loop)

an ambient underscore with arpeggiated textures and acoustic guitar and flute melody.

Ambient Corporate Inspiration - 15 seconds presentation music

Ambient and inspirational music setting a positive and motivational mood. This music will keep your audience engaged and motivated - it is perfect for corporate presentations, slideshows, promotional videos, commercials and announcements. Tempo 122 BPM This track is available in full track, back...

Yann Keerim
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