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Groovy Loop

Perfect as background for your videos, commercials, movies, tv, etc. I hope you find this loop suitable for your projects.

Sensual Dark

A slow instrumental blues track with a dark vibe.

Beer Break in the Garage (Bluesy Hard Rock)

Tough hard rock blues, featuring distorted guitar licks, bass, and hard-hitting drums. Perfect for anything relating to bars, beer, masculinity, the south, driving/trucks etc.

Acoustic Guitar Strum Blues

A classic, acoustic blues guitar piece. Evocative and atmospheric. Complete with guitar body thumps and real human hands moving up and down the fretboard. A warm, real performance that will add instant atmosphere and oxygen to a film project.

Play With this Blues

An instrumental Blues style track with a very positive mood.

Don't Let Me Down

Mostly instrumental finishing with a choral section which asks the listener not to 'let me down'. Guitar solo and jazz piano interweave through this beautiful melancholic track.

Who Am I?

Who are we? Who am I? The dissection of ourself. Are we our thoughts? Our reactions to the world? Are we our relationships or the things we do? How should we feel about our impact on the world and all the people in it?

Blues Rock

A groovy blues rock track with cool western vibe and cinematic intro. Featuring bluesy guitar riffs, slides, rock guitar solos, old-fashioned drums and fat bass. Good for bar film scenes, intros and outros.

Blues Rock Guitar Solo

A blues rock track featuring several guitar solo parts with different moods. Good for dramatic movie scenes and sad visuals.

Bass Slapping Stinger

Groovy and positive Funky log/stinger featuring slapped Musicman bass, catchy electric guitars and engaging drums. Perfect to use on videos, movies, advertising, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, vlog and podcast intros.

Blues Spell

An instrumental slow Blues track with a happy vibe.

Rolling With Swing

An instrumental mid tempo blues with a funny and positive vibe.

Funky Slap Podcast Intro

Groovye and engaging Funky logo featuring punchy slap bass, catchy electric guitar and elegant drums. Perfect to use on videos, movies, advertising, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, vlog and podcast intros.

Yann Keerim
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