Blue House

An instrumental blues piece with a guitar solo. Played by electric guitars, piano, organ, bass and drums.

You Got the Blues

A blues/rock’n’roll jam played by electric guitars, bass, piano, horns and drums.

Pulp Gang

An instrumental retro blues style track with a Funky vibe. Inspired by 70s cult cinema.

Road to Your Soul

An instrumental Soul track with an electric guitar melody and a very nostalgic/bluesy vibe.

Breezy Blues

laid back Hawaiian blues with bluesy ukulele and slide guitar on the acoustic Hawaiian lap steel guitar. Very relaxed drunk feel. Warm and tropical.

Whiskey Store

Solo slide guitar. Mississippi delta blues on the acoustic Hawaiian alp steel guitar. Slow tempo, warm feel and perfect for nature, drama, loss, life styles and people.

Sliding Blues

Sitting on the porch blues feel. Sound of early American delta blues with finger picking blues chords on the acoustic guitar and slide guitar lines on the Weissenborn or acoustic lap steel guitar with some harmonica. Laid back relaxed slow tempo feel.

River Bed Dry

Solo slide guitar on the Weissenborn or acoustic lap steel guitar. Beautiful, resonant, bluesy slide guitar lines reflecting early American south USA.

Riding the Dirt

Mix of delta and country blues with gritty slide guitar on the dobro and a medium rock back beat. Fun and perfect for travel, driving, outdoors, nature and life styles.

Red Barn Yard

Stomping Mississippi delta blues on the Dobro. Upbeat solo slide guitar with an old bass drum beat to go with it. Fun, quirky and perfect for nature, travel and outdoors.

Mississippi Moon

Solo Dobro slide guitar blues with a stomp box back beat. Reflective of the early Mississippi Delta Blues sound of the south USA. Med Tempo.

Juke Joint Sam

Delta blues slide guitar on the Dobro with a good old fashioned stomp box beat. Sound of the early Mississippi Delta Blues of the South.

Dust On My Dobro

Solo Dobro Mississippi delta blues slide guitar track. Med tempo with a hillbilly feel.

Drinking and Crawfish

A slow tempo with a drunk feel of a New Orleans Bourbon Street sound with Dobro slide guitar, trombone and a bass drum and cymbal back beat. Very lazy Louisiana feel.

Cryin Blues

Electric lap steel slide guitar blues with accompanying harmonica. Med tempo with a traveling feel.

Amazing life

Electric lap steel southern slide guitar blues lines with an amazing grace feel and sound. Americana harmonica in the start of the track. Very warm, relaxed and atmospheric.

Slow Piano Blues

Laid back slow blues solo piano. Ideal for background scenes or advertising

Sexy Blues

Sexy blues performed by saxophone, piano, drums, trumpet, trombone and double bass. With its charming and laid-back atmosphere the tracks fits perfectly for sensual seduction scenes, burlesque or striptease.

Yann Keerim
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