23 Tracks in library - hooyoosay is a music recording project having a variety of loose contributors from all over the globe. This makes hooyoosay hard to categorize and to localize, but on the other hand, it enables a wide diversity in musical styles to be offered.
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Olla Doo

Composer: hooyoosay
Roots-rock instrumental, bluesy and yet lighthearted. Lead instruments: piano, harmonica, guitar.

Happy, ever so happy

Composer: hooyoosay
It is that feeling of bursting with energy when you have found the love of your life!

Les Francofuns

Composer: hooyoosay
Fun-vibe synth pop. Playful sing-along song in a mix of French and English. Musique variété et fête.

Emotionless we said goodbye

Composer: hooyoosay
Things came to an end. And surprisingly there was no emotion. Neither glad because it was over, nor sad because it hadn't lasted. Surprisingly...

Mountain view

Composer: hooyoosay
Cheerful synth-riff and surf-guitar instrumental.

Done our best

Composer: hooyoosay
Poppy soft rock. A positive story of belief, good intention, trust and faith.

Palm tree in my garden

Composer: hooyoosay
"Palm tree in my garden" by hooyoosay sounds like a happy beach-pool-summer fun song, and offers a cocktail of pop, rap, R&B, alternative, funk, and a bluesy, vintage feel. It deals with the topic of having all the wealth and popularity in the world, but then perhaps falling short of true friendsh...

Googly Goo Instrumental

Composer: hooyoosay
Playful synth pop instrumental, cheerful mood, some funny passages.

My lucky dream day

Composer: hooyoosay
Happy sounding instrumental, twangy guitar having a conversation with Rhodes piano and Hammond, leaving the listener daydreaming about that tropical paradise or that long-forgotten fun theme park.

Mountain air

Composer: hooyoosay
Joyful and upbeat, this is an ode to backpacking, camping and mountain sports, encouraging office workers to take some time off and enjoy the glory of nature in the mountains.

Illusionist at work

Composer: hooyoosay
Easygoing instrumental, maybe a bit like the band playing in the background while an illusionist is performing his act.

The wrong kind of people

Composer: hooyoosay
A retro-vibe pop-rock fun song! It says: we all have different tastes, so why not enjoy life and have fun each in our own specific ways!

Tare Too Te Rut Te

Composer: hooyoosay
"Tare Too Te Rut Te" is a happy feelgood song, and merely a different way of saying "we feel fine".

Whop hap hop

Composer: hooyoosay
A cheerful, carefree and happy-sounding instrumental for that moment when you can stop being serious about everything that is serious. Think cartoon and comedy, or circus, carnival and parade music.
Yann Keerim
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