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We're going on a holiday

Pre-vacation travel frenzy! What a joyful feeling, preparing to leave for a holiday. The planning, the prospect, the excitement!

The F-song in the hook mix

Playful pop song, fun song, making a pun on the notes in the F-chord: Fa-la-do, la-do-fa, do-fa-la, they make up the F-chord, they're all in the F-song, The funny, wacky, goofy, silly F-song. F-song, fun song!

I am the beggar

Blues song, craving for some love and affection. Self-pitying, yet with a touch of humor.

If no one

People have always expressed the hope for a better world. And so does this song.

Then you walked away

Instrumental, merely making use of acoustic drums, acoustic percussion and an electronic bass to evoke what is said in the title.

Painkiller, kill the pain

Rock, pop rock, classic rock. How desperate do you get when in pain and painkillers don 't help?


Electronic instrumental. Synth pop, dance.

Fun facts dance

Electronic instrumental. Synth pop, feel good and happy.

So we said goodbye

Easy listening instrumental, soft rock, pop. Dreamy and dramatic atmosphere, epic build up.

We all love Tom

Easy-listening instrumental. Relaxing, jazzy, loungey, soft rock, post rock.

Olla Doo

Roots-rock instrumental, bluesy and yet lighthearted. Lead instruments: piano, harmonica, guitar.

Happy, ever so happy

It is that feeling of bursting with energy when you have found the love of your life!
Yann Keerim
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