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Image is Everything

A lively synth melody bubbles along in this laid back track. True to its name, Image Is Everything is a superb choice for a memorable image film or an industry show presentation video. And its upbeat and friendly feel makes it a great choice for keeping audience attention through a virtual tour or a...

Vintage Old School Hiphop

This is a classic old-school boom bap beat with a retro and vintage feel. Solid drums for the hip, double bass and jazzy guitars for the hop. Chosen voice samples and fine sax, horns and piano give a delicate old-fashioned touch to the track. Some extra atmosphere is added thanks to a discrete fie...

Epic Action Rock

Epic rock piece suitable for action scenes, extreme sports or dangerous situations. Features electric guitars, bass, hammond organ and drums. This classic rock track has speed metal and trash metal influences but keeping that melodic lines from 80s and 90s heavy metal. Influences: Whitesnake, Dee...

Rising Dark

A dark and brooding piano piece with a haunting tone and cinematic cello and violin accompaniment. It comprises of two parts: a lively, intense fast triplet arpeggio section; and a slower, more measured and reflective section. The piano, violin and cello combine to make a timbre full of drama and s...

Upbeat Positive Motivational Action (soft edit)

Happy, optimistic and uplifting music that creates a positive feeling of summer and bright inspiring days. It features clean and warm guitars, fresh feelgood and happy piano melody. Perfect for motivation videos, corporate presentations and commercials setting the mood of happy, airy and carefree
Yann Keerim
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