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Roger Stark is a composer and producer from Barcelona whose music has featured in advertising, film, tv and video games. His scores are highly emotive and vary from big and epic to subtle and poignant.

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Endearing Piano

Mellow and sweet piano in a relaxed and emotive mood. Featuring Grand Piano and Strings.

Quirky Halloween Acoustic Folk

Weird and funny folk halloween tune suitable for underscoring, westerns, mystery and comedy. Featuring instruments: Acoustic guitars, strings and theremin.

Gothic Halloween

Mysterious and phantasmagoric baroque track with an epic cinematic ending. Featuring instruments: Pipe organ, bells, mallets, clavichord, strings and synth. Suitable for magic, witchcraft and halloween advertising. Influences: Dani Elfman

Funny Halloween Comedy

Playful and funny Halloween track suitable for comedy, cartoons, circus, animation and quirky backgrounds. Featured instruments: Pizzicato strings, woodwinds, pipe organ, tuba and percussion.

Yearned Memories

Soft and relaxed piano playing in a melancholic mood surrounded by chamber strings.

Melancholic Intro & Orchestral Rise

An uplifting journey that starts from melancholy and sadness and builds up into upbeat hope.

Celestial Orchestra and Choir

Emotional journey with a children choir that builds up into a final orchestral climax.

Emotional & Solemn Orchestral Buildup

Hopeful and inspiring cinematic cue that starts with quiet strings and builds up into a final orchestral climax.

Solemn & Majestic Cinematic Strings

Emotional and solemn orchestral buildup suitable for uplifting and epic projects.

Dramatic Epic Motivation

Dramatic and emotional ambient orchestral buildup perfect for motivational and solemn epic scenes.

Uplifting & Warm Advertising Background

A inspirational, uplifting, warm, delicate, positive, dynamic, cheerful, emotional track perfect for advertising, commercials, marketing, television and any kind of media projects.

Motivational & Uplifting Advertising

Motivational and inspiring pop rock track suitable for advertising, sports, presentations, youtube videos and other media projects. Featuring instruments: Electric guitars, acoustic guitars, synthesizers and drums. Influences: Coldplay

Mellow and Beautiful Piano

Beautiful background piano suitable for building activities, romantic scenes, or any emotional scenario.

Heartwarming Acoustic Advertising

Peaceful and emotional acoustic ballad perfect for cheerful sentimental moments & underscoring. Features, acoustic guitars, piano and strings.

Epic & Heroic Orchestral Trailer

Cinematic epic piece suitable for projects that require an heroic mood. Main instruments, orchestral strings, staccato cello, epic drums, synth bass and brass. Influences: Kronos quartet

Emotive Acoustic Guitar

Sweet and soft acoustic guitar arpeggio in a relaxed, laid back and tranquil mood.

Emotional & Inspiring Motivation

Emotional orchestral piece that combines acoustic with orchestral elements. This majestic track is perfect for commercials and advertising. Featuring instruments: Acoustic guitars, grand piano, cello, violas, violin, string ensemble and orchestral percussion.

Upbeat Synth Rock

High energy synth-rock track perfect for edgy productions. This piece with metal influences will fit great in projects that require a sense of effort like heavy training, extreme sports, adventure or any other adrenaline situations. Main Instruments: Electric guitars, Synthesizers and punchy slow d...
Yann Keerim
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