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Roger Stark is a composer and producer from Barcelona whose music has featured in advertising, film, tv and video games. His scores are highly emotive and vary from big and epic to subtle and poignant.

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Wonders of Nature

Composer: Roger Stark
Awe and wondrous big orchestral track great for film, movies, documentaries, commercials, advertising, spectacular nature backgrounds and other media projects. This spectacular crescendo score combines different moods: Mystery, beauty, amazement, astonishment, awesomeness, emotional feelings and a ...

Sneaky Mystery Pizzicato

Composer: Roger Stark
Magical, phantasmagoric and wondrous orchestral piece suitable for film, trailers, advertising, halloween commercials, games and movies. This classical cinematic track has a sinister dark mood but delicate and sweet at the same time, so it can be used for mystery and magic but also for cartoons, sp...

Hard Rock Cinematic Trailer

Composer: Roger Stark
Cinematic & intense Hard Rock Tailer music perfect for film, movies, advertising, energetic commercials, tv shows, extreme sports, fitness workout, video games and other media projects. Featuring instruments: Electric Guitars, punchy power drums, bass, synthesizers, orchestral elements like strings...

Mystery Cinematic Fantasy

Composer: Roger Stark
Mysterious fantasy orchestral piece. This dramatic and emotional mystery track is great for trailers, movies, films and documentaries. Featuring instruments: Orchestral strings, brass, ambient pads and synthesizers. Influences: Tim Burton, Danny elfman, Alice in Wonderland

Fantasy Cinematic Opening

Composer: Roger Stark
Cinematic fantasy logo recorded with orchestral instruments. This logos is perfect for film openings, fantasy, ambient and other cinematic genres that require an awe, supernatural or heavenly feeling. Featuring instruments: Strings, arp, woodwinds, mallets, flutes, piano, sound design and synthesiz...

Ethereal Piano and Orchestra

Composer: Roger Stark
Ethereal piano and chamber strings arrangement. This soft and quiet track has a delicate and poignant intro which leads into a crescendo with orchestral strings. This emotional piece is great for soft and delicate projects. Influences: James Horner, Alan Silvestri, Thomas Newman.

Emotional and Heartwarming Tale

Composer: Roger Stark
Heartwarming and emotive orchestral piece perfect for advertising, commercials, film, documentaries and other media projects like home made christmas family slideshows. This poignant, uplifting, inspiring and sentimental journey catches the spirit of Christmas with a dramatic touch. This warm and in...

Dark Hybrid Trailer

Composer: Roger Stark
Powerful & Cinematic dark trailer in the modern hollywood style. This track is perfect for trailers, teaser, TV spot, commercials and advertising. This track will work great in visual media like an action, adventure, dramatic, cyberpunk, thriller, sci-fi and futuristic TV series and films, documenta...

Action Blockbuster Chase

Composer: Roger Stark
Classic Orchestral Action Chase track perfect for video games, teasers, films, fight scenes, advertising, trailers or gameplays. This powerful, dynamic, awe and epic background music is great for any intense, aggressive, tension and adrenaline related content. Featuring instruments: orchestra, os...

Emotional Cinematic

Composer: Roger Stark
Emotional and inspiring musical journey with plenty of musical dynamics. This fascinating and evoking orchestral piece will provide to your project a distinguished sense of elegance. Main instruments are a grand piano, woodwinds and symphonic orchestra strings, orchestral percussion and staccato vio...
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