Irish, Celtic Royalty Free Music

Scotish Folk Music featuring bagpipes, flutes, harp arrising from the Middle Ages


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Celtic harp poetic soft-melody, think Greensleeves or Canon in D. Instruments used: Medieval harp, psaltery, dulcimer, lute, Irish flute, European folk kit, and a Celtic tin whistle. Fits very well in a Renaissance / Medieval film or documentary. Sounds like: Christopher Wilson (Pavana, Recercare, ...

Medieval Intro

This short piece could be an opener for a celebration in celtic downtown for example. A flute theme accompanied by medieval drums and a hurdy-gurdy.

The Sky Of Ireland

A lively, upbeat celtic folk track, featuring the authentic sounds of the Irish tradition, including fiddle and flute. Melodic and earthy, this track will convey a sense of joy, happiness, serenity, hope, peace of mind.

Irish Whistle

Great, uplifting mix of modern classic instruments with electronic synths and movie score elements with irish and celtic taste, ''Call from Space'' by Silfredim is the one sound that you need for your SCORE, MOVIE PRESENTATION, SOUNDTRACK, TV ADVERB OR IN STORE RADIO.

Ireland Dance

Traditional Irish dance with authentic jolly sound

An Irish Tale

An acoustic track reminiscent of Celtic, Irish traditional ballads, but also with a Mediterranean, Italian or Greek touch. The verse is melancholic and somber, but the chorus is very melodic, more serene and hopeful, truly inspiring. All acoustic, real instruments. Short edits also available.

Celtic Emotions

Emotional piece with Celtic instrumentation. Peaceful, delicate and atmospheric.

Celtic Festival

A happy and joyful Celtic, Medieval, Middle Ages type track that would go well with scenes of rejoicing, reunions, dancing and village parties etc.

Ned of the Hill

A beautiful, sad and longing Irish air played by tin whistle and synth pad. "Ned of the Hill" is the English translation of the Irish title "Éamonn an Chnoic". This is a popular, slow and mornful ballad about an Irish aristocrate who lived in Tipperary and led a bandit gang who called for the o...

It Will Come

Solo guitar. Slow and passionate,very emotional. A Celtic influence,very heartfelt and melodic. A sense of longing, reflection, contemplation. Can be used for loneliness, introspective, romance as well. Good for humanity and documentary. Dramatic and cinematic. Clean solo electric guitar with a beau...

A Gentle Moment

A soaring arrangement that builds into blissful layers of cello and voice. Soulful, dreamy and reflective, this beautiful piece is played by professional cellist, Shena Power who has played on other Michael Stephen Decker tracks, The Cairn Stones, Mountain Lake and Celtic Requiem.

pirates revelation

Celtic, Irish or medieval styled track with guitars, percussion, Irish flute and orchestra. This one keeps building as it progresses and the mood keeps picking up. First dark then soothing, uplifting and homely

celtic lullaby

Gentle touch , Lights In The Sky , so far so close , laid back, drops of light A gentle and slowly swaying Celtic ballad. Very relaxed and mellow feel with Celtic with guitars, harp, pan flute and cello .

Yann Keerim
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