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The Silver Spear (Lively Irish Folk)

A lively, fun packed version of the traditional Irish folk reel, The Silver Spear. Works great for St Patrick's Day ads and promotions or any other similar Irish related products. Features fiddle, recorder, bodhran, bones, claps, shouts, banjo, guitar and bass. 4 edits available, one is a loop.

Irish St. Patricks Day with modern drums

'Irish St. Patricks Day' is an folk song in the style of traditional Irish folk tunes. It consists of fiddle, Irish whistle flute, acoustic guitar, mandolin bodhrán drum, a modern drum kit and electric bass.

Irish St. Patricks Day traditional version

'Irish St. Patricks Day' is an folk song in the style of traditional Irish folk tunes. It consists of fiddle, Irish whistle flute, acoustic guitar, mandolin bodhrán drum and bass.

The Way It Was

This cinematographic folk soundtrack is suitable for a variety of media production purposes, from travel videos, audio books and documentaries to video games and feature films. The composition consists of traditional acoustic guitar, lute and hammered dulcimer. Backed up with orchestral drones and s...

Planxty Irwin

Instrumental traditional celtic tune from 1700 (composer Turlough O'Carolan), arranged for guitar, mandolin, tin whistle, uilean pipe and fiddle, great for nature documentaries and films in bucolic and rural scenes in Ireland, Scotland and other celtic countries.

Tavern Music

Energetic tavern music of a small ensemble featuring medieval instruments to bring the authentic tavern music vibes! great for commercials, YouTube videos, background music, video games, trailers and much more!

Celtic Winds

Suitable for movies, commercials, YouTube, Instagram videos, innovative videos, websites, video games.

Dance Of The Clovers

Light and expressive theme that conveys an authentic Irish flavor. It features a chamber orchestra and a piccolo flute that takes the listener right into the rolling hills of Ireland with its beautiful landscapes. Perfect for video games, TV shows, movies, advertising and more.

Ethereal Tin Whistle

Traditional Irish wind instrument with dramatic folk atmosphere in the first part. NO drums. String section and Full orchestra building an adventure track in the second part. Triumphal and catchy melody. Celtic dream instrumental air. Guitar. Beautiful ambient-esque traditional European. Brave.

Forgotten Magic

A magical soundtrack featuring beautiful harp, low whistle, uilleann pipes, piano & full orchestra with heaven voice arrangements perfect for enchanting or fantasy projects. Starts small and mellow building to the soft and full orchestra with choirs.

Epic Celtic

Powerful epic Celtic fantasy projects, epic adventure movies, historical games or fairy tale videos.


“Vikings” is a middle ages vikings music with percussion, strings and powerfull nordic voices. Perfectly approaches as a background to historical reconstructions, films about the Middle Ages, historical and fantasy games.


Irish is a traditional Irish music with festive mood. Featured instruments: violin, acoustic guitar, stomp percussion, hand claps, tambourine, shaker. Perfect for ethnic videos, pub background, St. Patrick’s Day

Yann Keerim
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