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Titans Fall

Powerful cinematic teaser. Perfect choice for trailer, sci-fi, movie intro, opening, action trailer, sports, suspense atmosphere game teaser, thriller or TV show

Flat Earth

An uneasy synth under-bed with haunting piano melodies building with drums

Dark Forgotten Memories

Dark obscure sounding background track featuring ominous synthesizers, effects, strings and a haunting piano melody.


An orchestral track with a dark and ominous low strings and brass first part, leading to a mysterious and emotional second part. Great for background music in films, videos and other productions needing a suspenseful and sentimental atmosphere.


A hybrid track with a dark and airy synth opening and a second atmospheric strings part leading to an emotional climax. Great for films, videos, documentaries and other content needing a touch of mystery.

Behind the Mask

A dark piano and synth track, creating an anxious and mysterious atmosphere, rising to a dramatic climax. Great for tension scenes, trailers, videos and any project requiring an atmospheric and intense music.

The Seventh Sign

A dark hybrid orchestral track with a subtle piano melody, pads and strings ostinati, evolving to a strings and brass climax, creating an anxious and mysterious vibe. Great for trailers, films, video games, documentaries and other productions needing a dramatic and intense atmosphere.


A jarring and distorted guitar track, with looping textures and pulsating rhythms. Ideal for tension and thriller film and TV.

Cinematic Investigation

Cinematic tense background track featuring piano,strings and other suspenseful elements.

The Last Of Us

Atmospheric cinematic sci-fi trailer music. Perfect for epic trailers, games and movies, cosmic videos, teasers, intros, presentations, thriller and promos

Dark Obsession

A dark atmospheric track with a piano and synth repeating pattern creating a tense and mysterious vibe. Great for films, trailers, games, videos and other projects needing an airy and suspenseful music background.


Cinematic orchestral soundtrack for scenes of tension, triumph and determination in your epic, martial projects.

Suspenseful Times

Suspenseful background track featuring nervous strings, ominous piano and other tense elements.

Yann Keerim
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