Riding Camels

Very mystical trance like track with Indian instruments and percussion. Mid tempo and middle eastern feel.

Moroccan Markets

Mid tempo Turkish and Moroccan percussion with Indian slide guitar. Trance like mid tempo and positive feel.

Cold Desert Night

Spacey middle eastern feel with with cosmic slide guitar lines on the electric lap steel guitar, ambient sounds, Indian percussions and warm chords picked on the acoustic lap steel guitar. Perfect for foreign, travel, nature, European and middle eastern countries.

Moving to Memphis

Fun quirky Americana hillbilly track with harmonica, electric lap steel slide guitar lines, slapping upright acoustic bass and fiddle.

French Lovers

A charming, melodious accordion waltz with strings, soft brush drums and double bass, creating the perfect soundtrack for a romantic walk, in the style of french folk music. Tender, loving mood, makes you daydream about the allure of Paris or little towns and europeans panoramas.


Close your eyes and drift away to Hawaii with this fantastic song, a very friendly ukulele rhythm with a simple drum beat that will just make you want to sing along! This track is perfect for all your production needs, film, tv commercial, ads, children sing along, and many others!

Tropical Sunset (Guitar and Orchestra)

Sit back on the beach with a coconut cocktail in hand as you watch the sunset to this track. Spanish classical guitar with woodwinds, horns and strings as the congos drive the beat home. This track is perfect to let your imagination run wild and take you away!

On The Streets Of New Orleans

We are at New Orleans! A playful, positive royalty free ragtime theme with clarinet leads, bouncy piano, ideal for children ads, funny clips or comedy scenes.

Stomp (Percussion Background Music)

Stomp – it’s modern percussion stomp and clap music for fast and sport projects. Discover beautiful cinematic percussion for modern dance class or sports video and projects. Will be good for fast and sport video, music for youtube, dance projects.

Heart Of Africa

Cheerful african folk music with rhythmic percussions and mallets patterns, acoustic guitars and nice, positive tribal choir. With its joyful, bright mood, this track is perfect for travel blogging videos, documentaries and Africa-related media productions.

Stomp (Percussion Sport Music)

Stomp – it’s huge and massive stomps and claps music. Will be good for sport video, advertisment and more.


Marimba driven happy, fun and energetic track with some African feel.

Celtic Mist

Take a step back and enjoy a refreshing walk through the misty mornings of Ireland with this celtic inspired track. Perfect for any production requiring that relaxing feeling of drifting into another world as you close your eyes.

Spices of India

Contemporary Indian background music with sitar and tempura. Cool charming drums and a lot of pads for Asian majestic atmosphere. Well suited for scoring scenes documentaries and commercials.

Russian Market

Funny upbeat bright dynamic russian music track.

Turkish Beat

Modern oriental beat with traditional asian instruments. Good background commercial music for video. Turkish sound in studio mix.

Indian Day

Background world TV music in indian style. Magic bright colors of India, sitar sound in this positive good mood music. Track suitable for advertising, promo, Utube videos. Commercial and soft.

Yann Keerim
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