Traditional, World Royalty Free Music

A vast collection from traditional music from mediterranean, middle-east, china and africa


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Ethnic Dance

Authentic dance track. Great choice for travel projects, documentaries, commercials, ethno oriented presentation and more. Instruments: kemance, kemani, zurna, darbuka, dholak.

Acoustic Warm Inspiring Presentation (15 seconds no drums)

Warm, uplifting and inspiring music featuring acoustic guitar, soft piano, bright strings, glockenspiel, acoustic drums and hand clap. It sets a happy and joyful mood. Great for inspiring presentations and media productions. Available in 15, 30, 60 seconds edits, background music beds, no drums, st...


Epic drums track for your video production, radio, slideshow, podcast, animation, Youtube video, television broadcasting, TV Show and more...


African tribal track with pulsating percussion, vocals, pipes and ominous synths. Mysterious atmosphere.

Japan Ambience

by KBH
This is a Japanese style music with Taiko drums, gongs, cymbals, soft dark pads, and authentic Japanese instruments. Perfect for any video and slide show project about Japan and Eastern Asia, tourism and travel, traditional sights, Buddhist temples, Japanese martial arts, meditation training, video...

Street Smart

Upbeat, energetic World music track with cool percussion and pipes.

South Africa Ukola

Upbeat South African track with solid groove, marimbas, and other traditional instuments. Festive and happy atmosphere.

South Africa Ukola (Vox)

Upbeat South African track with solid groove, marimbas, and other traditional instuments. Festive and happy atmosphere.

Sans Afrique

Upbeat South African track with solid groove, marimbas, horns and chucking guitar. Lively and happy party atmosphere.

Claps and Percussion

Strong percussion rhythmic track with powerful drums. Great for Videohive presentation, web, tv and advertising, sport and fitness videos!

Heart (Chinese new year)

Heart is an instrumental created for the celebration of the Chinese new year. We used traditional Chinese instruments paired with modern day sounds & rhythms to create an authentic but modern theme tune for the Chinese new year. Lookout for the dragons appearance in this track.

King Of Africa

Tribal African track with driving percussion, vocal samples, pipes and deep synths. Very atmospheric.

Jericho Rain

Upbeat African tribal track with driving percussion, cool synths, horns and sfx


Ethno groove with dubstep elements. Great choice for travel projects, dance projects, documentaries and any ethnic oriented presentation. Instruments: kemance, kemani, oud, deep strings, tabla, dholak, and also dubstep elements.

Didgeridoo Spirit

World music background track. Suitable for geographical videos or anything that needs a ethno/world music background. Perfect for Travel video’s and documentaries. Instruments features: didgeridoo, marimba, percussions.

Safari Journey

African track with a difference! Starts with traditional percussion and vocal chants. Then builds into electric guitar, drums and synths.

Dance For Tradition

Traditional Polish/Ukrainian/Russian style Polka with authentic instrumentation.

Klezmer March

All acoustic track, with instruments typical of the Klezmer tradition (accordion, violin, clarinet, trumpet, guitar and more) and a marching rhythm. It sounds narrative, descriptive in the first half, and more melodic, romantic, even inspirational in the final section. It's ideal for productions in ...

Tribal Spirit

Native American tribal piece with authentic pipes, acoustic flamenco guitar and light percussion.

Yann Keerim
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