Traditional, World Royalty Free Music

A vast collection from traditional music from mediterranean, middle-east, china and africa


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Voices from Africa

Composer: Michael Adels
African background track with percussions, soft vocal harmonies and kalimba. Suits perfect in every travel video or documentary.

Halloween Begins

Composer: mango audio
A funny orchestral royalty free Halloween music intro with a spooky theremin, harpsichord, pizzicato strings, creepy fx and drums, great for cartoons, comedies, animations or costume party promos.

The Halloween Night

Composer: MangoAudio
This is just melody with Halloween mood. Perfect for halloween themes, cartoons, animation, games, kids, children media, comics, creepy slide shows, funny commercials, halloween advertising or any project that requires scary, cool and fun background instrumental music. Included Instruments: pizzicat...

Chinese Culture (60 sec)

Composer: Neil Cross
A traditional Chinese / Asian track with authentic oriental stringed instruments, pipes and percussion. Great for travel, cultural, documentaries, religious and cooking shows and web videos.

Home Thoughts

Composer: Brian Cradden
Sparse sounding traditional celtic sounding tune with mandolin and cajon


Composer: Brian Cradden
Cool Oud riff over a smooth beat with ethnic sounding plucked strings with infectious violin lines over the top. includes a loop and an edit version ideal for use as a backing track in commercials, ads, youtube, corporate, podcasts, etc

Joyful Africa

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Instrumental folk african music with upbeat, positive vibe. Featuring different ethnic instruments such as belafon, marimba, ukulele, percussions and acoustic/electric guitar.

Where in the World

Composer: Michael Adels
Modern pop world track with a positive and lively feel. A self-reliant song which shows the strength of multicultural connectivity.

Where in the World (background version)

Composer: Michael Adels
Modern pop world track with a positive and lively feel. A self-reliant song which shows the strength of multicultural connectivity.

Percussion Stomp & Claps

Composer: artsygoat
Powerful, energetic, dynamic and aggressive percussion and drum music track with fast, exciting and rhythmic claps and snaps. intense epic cinematic percussion and stomps, heroic and war chants. Featuring single and group claps and snaps, stomps, bass drums, big percussion hits, and Taikos. Ideal fo...

19 Ways to Travel Around the World

Composer: Esther García
Upbeat world track featuring ethnic and traditional percussion, rhythmic strings and melodic woodwinds. Good choice for documentaries and nature videos.

Balance(Epic Folk) [1:27]

Composer: Sotirios Bakas
Cinematic positive music,suitable for projects who seek positive and organic cinematic music with some influence of world-ethnic music. Instruments used: Lot's of different percussion,guitars and violins.

Claps & Stomps Percussion

Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
Upbeat percussion track featuring stomps, claps and bongo. Great for video production, sports, television broadcasting and more…

Oriental Commas

Composer: Mr. Terrible
Asian-type Hip-Hop/R&B-track with piano chords and a hypnotizing floating vocal over a trap beat.

African Story

Composer: Media_M
African Story is a sunny, inspirational, positive African track. Featuring Piano, African Marimbas, Flutes, African Percussions, Kalimba. Perfect for: Videos about Africa and Wild Nature, Travel Projects, Documentaries, Background Music, Emotional Slide Show, TV or Radio advert, Youtube Video, Socia...

Tribal Percussion

Composer: Veaceslav Draganov
Acoustic and organic percussion track for your video/media production.

Turkish Delight (Emotional Oud) [2:20]

Composer: Sotirios Bakas
Nostalgic eastern music using the instrument ‘Turkish Oud’. Suitable for projects who seek a eastern and nostalgic feel into the music. Instruments: Turkish Oud, Percussion, Cellos

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