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Samba Band

The sound of Samba / Rio / Brasil / Brazil / South America! Energetic and proud percussion.

Ethnic Dance - Loop Version

This one is an authentic royalty free soundtrack. Great choice for travel projects, documentaries, commercials, ethno oriented presentation and more.Instruments used are kemance, kemani, zurna, darbuka and dholak. Thanks for listening and purchasing.

Sunset Girl

An instrumental Bossa Nova style track with a warm and elegant vibe. Perfect for Vlogs.

Intense (All Japanese Instruments)

It is a cool, exciting, energetic, powerful, aggressive, intense, upbeat, fast, driving, thrilling, ethnic and oriental track using Japanese instruments only. The Japanese instruments are Koto, Shamisen, Shakuhachi, Ryuteki, Japanese drum (Wadaiko), Tsuzumi, etc. Perfect for Japanese event, movie,...

Gamelan Tribal Ceremony

Gamelan Tribal Ceremony is an atmospheric tribal soundscape with ritualistic ambience featuring gamelan orchestra, percussions, low bone horns, and various fx. Great fit for geographic documentaries, antropology projects, vlogs, meditative and abstract videos, investigation videos, experimental and...

Spirit of India

A beautiful Indian music piece with a smooth and hypnotic build-up that conveys spiritual journeys, colorful temples, healing ceremonies and more. Features traditional Indian instruments : Sitar, Tampura, Bansuri and Tabla. Great fit for documentaries about India traditions and customs, meditative,...

Heartbroken Dance

African dance track with African percussion largely classified as amapiano in Africa

Japanese Fragile (Koto, Shakuhachi, Wadaiko)

Perfect for documentary movie, drama and animation set in Japan. It is a fragile, sentimental, mournful, sorrowful, melancholic, nostalgic and oriental track using Koto, Shakuhachi and Wadaiko (Japanese Drums).

Russian Folk Party

festive, spirited traditional Russian or Eastern European sounds and atmosphere.

Japanese Traditional Shamisen Solo - Fast

It is a ethnic, hard, intense, exciting, energetic, powerful, dynamic, aggressive and fast track that is solo performance of shamisen. Mostly ad-lib performance. This is the traditional style of Tsugaru shamisen. Perfect for a promotional video introducing Japan, movies, dramas, anime, etc. set in ...

Shijima (Japanese Warm, Shakuhachi & Koto)

It is a warm, emotional, soft, calm, nostalgic, ethereal, beautiful, dreamy, fragile, traditional, ethnic and oriental track. The Japanese instruments are Shakuhachi, Koto and Wadaiko. Perfect for Japanese-themed movies, dramas, anime, theater, Japanese nostalgic landscape video, background music fo...

Illuminated Night In Kyoto (Japanese Koto Progressive House)

It is a progressive house using a Japanese harp (Koto). It is a beautiful, emotional, dreamy, uplifting, driving, inspirational, motivational, bright, and positive track. Perfect for picture of a cherry tree lighted up, illuminations, Japanese fireworks shows, video introducing Japan, and other prom...

Uplifting Shakuhachi & Piano House (Japanese)

It is a house music using a Japanese bamboo flute called shakuhachi. I created with the image of Japan as seen from Europe and the United States. Perfect for Japanese fireworks show, picture of a cherry tree lighted up, illumination, night festival, asian projects, and other promotional movie.

Emotional Japan

This is an emotional, romantic, calm, warm, nostalgic track using Japanese musical instruments (koto, shamisen, shinobue, and taiko). Perfect for movie beautiful nature in Japan, Introducing Japanese tradition, etc.

Japanese Exciting Hard Rock

It is a energetic, exciting, fast, powerful, dynamic, aggressive, driving and thrilling hard rock. Perfect for Samurai, Ninja movie, drama, animation and documentary set in Japan. The main instruments are Japanese instruments (shamisen, shakuhachi, Japanese drum).

Russian Atmosphere

Traditional Russian folk atmosphere, melancholy and brooding. Pondering and medium slow. Feelings of mystery, intrigue and disquiet.

Oriental Landscapes

A soft atmospheric piece that invokes visions of soaring panoramic views with an Oriental touch. Soothing Chinese Xiao flute, gentle strings and inspirational Chinese Guzheng.

Night In The Desert (Middle Eastern Oud) - Stinger

Middle eastern, emotional & mesmerizing logo featuring the stringed traditional instrument ‘Oud’. Suitable for projects, intros, commercials, advertising, marketing campaigns, YouTube videos and more!

Yann Keerim
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