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An oriental Arabic music track in near east mood featuring guitar, bongos, violins, and percussion. Perfect near and middle eastern atmosphere, documentary, movie, travel acoustic backgrounds, and more!

Eastern Mysteries

A mysterious and hypnotic beat with Middle Eastern instruments, Doumbeck, Darbouka, Nay flute and Persian santoor.

Wide Landscapes of Middle East

Wide Landscapes of Middle East: Instrumental music made for orchestra and some folk arabig instruments. The music is epic and powerful and the style is very near to soundtrack with very strong oriental arabig music influences.

Traveling by the Distant Wonderful Lands

Instrumental music made for orchestra, piano and world instruments like flutes and arabic percussion. The music is positive and describes an adventurous and epic situation, crossing the landscapes from middle east and other arabic places. The music is energetic and it's leaded by a piano. Other impo...

Business In Dubai

Downtempo instrumental track with middle eastern music influences. Cool ambient piano playing on arab scales and harmonies, atmospheric synthesizers, ethic instruments suc has oud, duduk and darbouka. Relaxed, serious mood.

Through The Desert

Oriental rhythms combined with emotional string arrangement creating a sentimental and hopeful mood.


Mysterious cinematic soundtrack with middle eastern music infliences, introduced by a dreamy soundscape with duduk playing over wind sound. The music evokes the atmosphere of the desert Sahara and the magic of Arabia.

Oriental Temperament

Very rhythm based oriental song with string arrangement and oriental woodwinds.

Oriental Temperament (rhythm version)

Very rhythm based oriental song with string arrangement and oriental woodwinds. This is the rhythm version.

Belly Dance

Oriental track with intense atmosphere. Perfect background track for movies, games and so on.
Yann Keerim
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