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Epic Africa

An uplifting and epic African track with balafon, West African and Bulgarian choirs, balafon, traditional African and epic percussion, flute, kalimba and vocal chants. Great for travel videos, advertisement, vlogs, documentaries and anything africa themed really. Available in Full, Loop and 60 seco...

Jamaican Joyride

Chill happy loopable reggae track with summer vibes. Suitable for social media content, vlogs, and commercial/ads

Why Am I Here

Confusion and bewildered tension cue. Suspense, crime/investigation, horror, and mystery genres would work great for this track. Sparse and eerie.

What Child Is This

Spanish flamenco version of a classic christmas song. Nylon guitars as lead and rhythm with handclaps, tambourine, and pizzicato strings. Somber serious intro that transitions to a driving flamenco groove. Great for world seasonal content, holiday themed commericals/ads, and travel vlogs

Slow Reveal

tension cue with an "unveiling" or bewildered vibe. Pads, keys, and ambient effects gives slow suspenseful feeling. Great as underscore for tv/film programming such as crime and investigation, horror, suspense, and documentaries


Reggaeton EDM style with a tropical feel. Synth plucks and spanish grooves great for working out or club, vacation scenes. Summer vibes

Offline Blues

Driving chicago blues shuffle track with guitar lead focus. Cool, swaggar vibes and roadhouse bar appeal. For film/TV, lifestyle commercials/ads, and travel programming

Melancholy Piano Guitar Serenade 2

Piano & guitar Instrumental contemplative track In Minor Key. Puzzled and unsettling vibes. Great for suspense, drama, thriller, crime investigation, and documentaries

Jingle Bells

Pop Punk version of the classic christmas song. Heavy distorted guitars with aggressive drums and bass. Happy high school summer vibe. Fast and fun great for modern holiday programming and teenage lifestyle content

Im Onto You

Old skool EDM house track with a 90s feel but with modern flair. Synth plucks and groovy beats. Fun danceable track great for club/dance scenes and lifestyle content

Horseback Pimp

Hip hop and Spaghetti Western mashup with chants, drony guitars, flute, jaw harp, and big room drums. Suitable for modern urban programming with a western theme or motif

Fistfull Of Gangstas

Epic, cinematic spaghetti western style hiphop hybrid track with acoustic guitars, drums, and orchestral elements with a climactic and dramatic trailer vibe. Great for film score, soundtrack, and modern wild west content.


Swampy slide guitar ambient dark tension cue straight from the south. With droning vocals and slide lead gives an eerie, confused, drugged out vibe. Suitable as underscore for tv/film crime and investigation, documentaries, and horror genres


mysterious dark tension cue with classical guitar and piano chruning tense chord progression. Great for TV/Film underscore and for docudrama

Irish Dance

This track is perfect for St Patrick’s Day, festivals, parades, and other festivities. It would also work well for travel shows and documentaries about Ireland and the Irish. Great for Irish pub scenes, travel shows featuring Ireland’s wild Celtic countryside and landscapes.

Raw, rowdy rock track

Raw, rowdy rock track with a sloppy party vibe. Powerful, fiery, hard-driving music perfect for sports news, chases, frat parties, fast cars, smokey bars, grunge and gritty urban themes.

Energetic and wild alternative track

Energetic and wild alternative track combines an aggressive style with a powerful energy. The electric guitars strum a heavy rhythm while the bass and drums play a dynamic paced style. Works great for extreme sports, action, youth and more.

Raw, rowdy and fast rock track

Raw, rowdy and fast rock track with a sloppy party vibe. Powerful, fiery, hard-driving music perfect for sports news, chases, frat parties, fast cars, smokey bars, grunge and gritty urban themes.

A huge piece of funk music

A huge piece of funk music, with a tight smoking bass line, a groovy guitar line and a chopping synth.
Yann Keerim
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