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La Fiesta

Composer: artsygoat
“La Fiesta” (Mariachi Fiesta Mexico) is a crazy, fun and uplifting music track, proud and dynamic, with hot Latin/ Mexican/Spanish blood in its veins, summer, sunny and celebratory mood, magical and memorable melody and unbelievable pulse and rhythm. Instruments feature acoustic guitar, nylon-st...

Action Orchestra Electronica (Dark Passage)

Composer: Merv de Peyer
The passage is dark and dangerous, what choice is there? Move forward... Low, dark synthesiser's blended with real strings, woodwind and brass...


Composer: artsygoat
Majestic, triumphant and epic cinematic pirate battle hymn, full of passion, tension, action and adventure, with a glorious, pompous and heroic character, dramatic, determined and war mood and wild pirate courage heart and soul... The massive string orchestra with an exceptional, remarkable, inspir...

African Tales

Composer: Gentle Jammers
African Tales is a sunny, inspirational, African track. Featuring Guitar, Strings, African Marimbas, Flutes, African Percussions, Kalimba, Vocals. Perfect for: Videos about Africa and Wild Nature, Travel Projects, Documentaries, Background Music, Emotional Slide Show, TV or Radio advert, Youtube Vid...


Composer: Michael Adels
A raw and powerful track with heavy drums and distorted guitars. Filled with some synth elements for a more modern feel. Perfect for any action content, extreme sports and so on.

Heavy Duty

Composer: Michael Adels
Intense track with kind of factory and working noise. Distorted guitars for a rough edge and powerful sound.

Epic Spaghetti Western

Composer: artsygoat
Epic, fiery, passionate, imposing, proud and heroic spaghetti western, which honors the work and the effort of Ennio Morricone and Sergio Leone and gives new impetus to this great music genre. Featuring Instruments: Trumpets, “ twangy ” distorted guitar, acoustic guitar, chimes, bells, gong, oc...

Horror Orchestra (your in my way)

Composer: Merv de Peyer
Beginning with a disturbing dreamlike sequence, The Orchestra builds to a nasty climax ending with a mystical release conclusion.... Ominous without becoming grating or to harsh.

Go Gojira

Composer: Daniel Eaves
Tempo: 100-- Signature: 6/8-- Keywords: Cinematic / Classic / Action / Epic / Funk. ---------Jungle drums burst into thunder in exotic 6/8 timing, horns blare deep and coarse. What's that rising out of the water? Is it Godzilla? A kraken? A secret submersible super-villain base? That's for you to...

Race To The Top

Composer: Paul Werner
Starting from the bottom this tracks climbs to the top and describes a motivating race to success. Featuring electronic and dubstep elements.


Composer: Paul Werner
Ironically this song describes the decay of everything without falling into despair. Featuring piano and electronic dubstep elements.

Car Auto Power Rock Logo

Composer: Roman Spivak
Hello) Hard and energetic upbeat indie rock logo with catchy, agressive guitar riff. Strong beat with stomps and claps bring more confidence and power to this logo. Instruments: Basse, Drums, Clap, Overdrive Guitar, FX. Key – Em. Tempo: 135BPM. For greater flexibility I added a Without FX and so...

Joplin - The Entertainer

The famous and popular piano composition by the American ragtime composer Scott Joplin. This version is played straight on a Bosendorfer grand piano. Often used in silent movies of old, and also for comedy projects. it is a happy and upbeat tune with a jazzy deep south feel.

Joplin - Maple Leaf Rag

The famous and popular Maple Leaf Rag by American composer Scott Joplin played on a Bosendorfer grand piano. Great for that ‘silent movie’ kind of sound. This version is played straight, at 112BPM.

Power Rock

Composer: Roman Spivak
Hello) Hard and energetic upbeat indie rock track with catchy, agressive guitar riff. Strong beat with stomps and tambourine bring more confidence and power to this music. Excellent choise for motivational, extreme and sport videos, games, cars, backgrounds, films, youtube, tv advertisements, action...

Australian Outback

Composer: Neil Cross
The Aussie Outback - a vast rugged terrain where kangaroos roam free! This track takes you on a wild adventure with authentic didgeridoo, pulsating native percussion, atmospheric synths and live drums. A blend of traditional sounds with a modern twist. Great for travel, documentaries, adventure, cul...
Yann Keerim
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