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Kids Playing

A very bright and cheerful track. A playful and cheeky duet of subtle ukulele and bouncy rhodes creates the mood of careless childhood when everything can be funny or curious, time of vibrant joy and games. The music will be perfect for any videos with toddlers, pets, animals, as well as cartoons, o...

Business technology corporate music

Presentation of a business arrangement with a vibrant atmosphere and positive mood, ideal for any video presentation, corporate films and processes.


A vibrant , joyous Western African inspired track suitable for travel vlogs , informative content and documentaries This composition combines a wide range of modern live instrumentation as well as traditional / ethnic African instrument in order to create a composition that marries the old and th...

You Have It [Dance Happy Background Lo Fi Retro Electronic]

You Have It is a house / dance electronic composition with an overall good feeling and laid back vibes. It has a slight retro and lofi sound. Featuring groovy house drums, rhythmic synth chords, dreamy lead melodies and deep sub bass. This vintage house tune can work great in vlogs, travel videos, a...

Sunset Drive

Punchy urban-pop track featuring a smooth chord progression and a crisp percussive section that leads to an explosive and catchy hook. Great for night-club scenes, beach party videos, traveling videoblogs or advertisment. This track would go well with products like Levi Jeans, Apple cellphones and b...

Another World

Bright and warm, with a Pop feel, featuring vibrant textures and an enchanting piano chord that creates an optimistic mood.

Exploring The Space

Slow, calm ambient royalty-free music with lo-fi guitars, vibrant drums, and airy synths, nicely fits in tv commercials, fashion and luxury content, or YouTube vlogs.


A positive and optimistic acoustic track with guitars, piano, upright bass and pop drums-percussion. Uplifting and inspirational pop building up with a beautiful staccato piano sound accompanied by acoustic guitar. This is energizing, positive & inspiring high quality soft pop.Romantic electric guit...

Ethereal Tin Whistle

Traditional Irish wind instrument with dramatic folk atmosphere in the first part. NO drums. String section and Full orchestra building an adventure track in the second part. Triumphal and catchy melody. Celtic dream instrumental air. Guitar. Beautiful ambient-esque traditional European. Brave.

Corporate Progress

Arpeggiated synth opening followed by an upbeat and positive piano/synth instrumental. A Good Day features piano, echoed synthesizer, Multipurpose corporate media for many uses. uplifting and positive, medium tempo electronica/trance track. A floating and airy Pop-Ambient crossover track.

Ali Baba

Very exotic with mystery and romance stories. Spiritual dance Turkish perfect for creative and commercial productions uses. Middle East European music. Sexy dancing background for mistery trailer. Ethno world and multicultural.

Happiness Has Harmony

Orchestral composition with strings,brass section,woodwins and piano that goes in growth until the climax. Staccato, Marcato, Pizzicato Strings give movement and intensity to the interpretation by assisting and accelerating the melody. The result is an interpretation with much liveliness that will h...


Bright,shiny,optimistic and positive track for commercial or personal video projects. Drums,acoustic guitar,piano, bass and hammond.

Epic Cinematic Score

An emotional build up from piano to strings and full orchestra. Cinematic Film Score film score that delivers that inspirational Hollywood sound. Beautiful and touching cinematic music with beautiful and inspiring strings, touching melody and epic drums. Background music in any project.

Fight for Glory

Glory to the heroes that gave their lives for their loved ones! Heroic and Trailer Orchestral track Whether you’re on a Quest for glory, fighting an unstoppable army, or exploring the depths of Space.

Epic Adventure

Epic Cinematic track with a catchy dramatic orchestral melodies. This orchestral music track could be used for movie trailers, video games, battle scenes of good & evil, adventure stories, historical films, advertisement, fantasy, presentations, intro, and superheroes.

Empire of Dreams

Emotion, inspiration, heroism and adventure. Perfect for historical films, superheroes, epicness inspiring trailers, cine teasers, advertising intro, games and many other motivational ads incorporate uplifting background music projects. Include cinematic orchestral instruments
Yann Keerim
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