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Optimistic groovy background music (electronic)

Simple upbeat background music with guitar, bass, drums, piano, strings and various effects that creates a unique atmosphere in your work.

Future technology presentation

Inspiring presentation background music with the unique atmosphere and upbeat mood.

Business positive corporate presentation

Positive successful music business with the piano, guitar, bass, and percussion with a unique atmosphere and great mood.

Dramatic hopeful hip-hop

I present to you the drama in the genre of hip-hop with a unique atmosphere, a sad mood, but with the sentimental notes of hope. Music combines stringed instruments, bells, piano and unusual percussion. Has a wide application and be used as a loop.

Future Bass

Melodic future bass track, with hot summer tunes warm vocal, future bass pads, modern drums, sub bass, catchy synths, FX and more. Bright and fresh dubstep / future bass composition with thick percussion and unique modern synths. Perfectly fits for advertisement, presentation, YouTube content, media...

Epic adventure dramatic music

Epic orchestral music with an atmosphere of adventure, drama and discovery. Contains bust dulcimer, colorful violin, cello, brass, piano and percussion, creating a unique environment. Combined with the opener of incredible movie trailers, with the achievements of inspirational videos and motivationa...

Magical Documentary Acoustic

A beautiful, dreamy, emotional, inspiring, serene, atmospheric and unique ambient background music. Well suited for adventure videos, movie soundtrack, trailer, corporate advertising and presentation,sentimental and romantic videos.

Happiness Is (Unique Instrumental)

This was written with a bittersweet mindset. Useful for... bittersweet situations!

Path Of Glory

Epic and powerful cinematic track featuring big strings, loud brass and colossal drums for a unique and authentic action and adventure blockbuster sound. Perfect impact for projects with heroic and dramatic moments such as films, movie trailers, video games, and teasers.

Dobros And Drones

Very cool dobro phrases and licks over a droning background track. Also, some percussion added for impact.

Deep Reflections - Uplifting Cinematic

Thanks to dreamy, soft electric guitar strums, echoing percussion and ethereal ambient textures, this tune can infuse your video with a unique, inspiring energy.

Where Is The Fun

Combining pop vocals with techno beats this track is designed for electronic music radio broadcast, fashion and music festival promos.

Lounge Groove

Inspirational ambiental track with hip hop beats, guitars, piano, strings and pads. Mood: peaceful, romantic, sensual, sentimental, dreamy


Inspirational ambiental track with glitch beats, piano, strings and pads. Mood: peaceful, romantic, sentimental.

Experimental Funk

A funky track with clean electric guitars, strings, horns,disco and funk beats, analog synths, rnb mellow tones and a strong bass line. Mood: happy, party, lounge Track list: Experimental Funk(2:12): short length Experimental Funk v2(2:55): long version Experimental Funk v3(loopable): loopable ...

Spirit Of Nature

''Spirit Of Nature'' is a cinematic electronic ambient track with a melancholic mood. Background music for films, mystical themes, documentaries on nature, spirituality projects, science fiction, movie trailers, gaming videos, apps, social media, websites, YouTube videos, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram,...
Yann Keerim
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