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Perpetual Will [Electronic Cinematic Hybrid Driving Epic Action]

Perpetual Will is a driving and relentless hybrid electronic cinematic track. Featuring epic low brass, modern synths, cool drum groove and unstoppable percussive elements. Perfect for modern video games, sports, promos, trailers, landscapes, nature, urban, cars, motorbikes, trucks, sci-fi, racing, ...

Wild West

This is a filthy, muddy, rough, fuzzy and slow rock track. This dirty track features an acoustic section of acoustic guitar for a strong southern country taste but also has heavy distorted fuzz guitars, distorted deep bass, and punchy heavy drums full of energy and sludge.

Get The Gains [Rock Stomp Wild Sports Driving Action Workout]

Get The Gains is a confident anthem rock with aggressive electric guitar, motivational synth bass and driving drums and stomps with a heavy triplet groove. Best for sports, highlights, workout and fitness content, competition, gaming, and many more.

Red Riot

Energetic and powerful classic rock music track. Perfect for classic car shows, sport videos, commercial, advertising, auto & truck racing, action videos, adventure videos, extreme sports videos, surfing videos, skydiving videos and more.

Never Defeated [Stomp Rock Epic Sports Impacts Motivational]

Never Defeated is a modern stomp rock track with motivational, epic and encouraging moods. Features electric guitar riff, deep synth bass, trailer cinematic drums and percussion impacts, triplet electronic drum pattern, background vocals and cool sound fx. Best for sports, football, military, fights...

Have The Nerve [Rock Gritty Tough Trucks Off-Road Sport]

Have The Nerve is a confident, bold and rebellious rock track with a mix of grunge, heavy blues and southern vibes. Features gritty and edgy electric guitar, slide guitar, hard hitting drums and electric bass. Best for sports, off-road, trucks 4x4, motorcycles, action scenes, competitions, road trip...

High Horsepower [Stomp Hard Rock Driving Action Trucks]

High Horsepower is a hard rock tune with driving, powerful and tough vibes. Features electric guitar with slide, fuzzy and high gain tones, stomps and claps, electric bass and fxs. Best for action, sports, cars, trucks, off-road, bikers, stadium, body building, workout, extreme sports, UFC, and many...

Beer Break in the Garage (Bluesy Hard Rock)

Tough hard rock blues, featuring distorted guitar licks, bass, and hard-hitting drums. Perfect for anything relating to bars, beer, masculinity, the south, driving/trucks etc.

Interstate Truckin'

A powerful and punchy Country Rock song with butt kicking guitars, bass and drums. Hauling through dusty old country highways, roadside cafes and good old country folk with this song in the background!

Powerful Car

If you have a powerful car, then this track should sound in it! Thirst for speed and drive, beautiful racing and seductive women. This is a super hit. The track is perfect for a movie, advertising, sports events.


Powerful, strong, loud track. If you voice scenes of fights – you need a track “Power”. If you are voicing wrestling, you need the “Power” track. If you are voicing race trucks – you need a track “Power”.
Yann Keerim
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