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Hurry Clean Up

The kids were up to no good and made a mess and now the parents are on their way home! Lots to clean up! The elves are in the workshop trying to get all of the toys ready for Christmas. Plucked pizzicato and bouncy staccato strings are the bed for a happy and playful clarinet melody. Fast Tempo of ...

Alternative Rock Trailer

Powerful and energetic alternative hard action rock soundtrack rocking in the style of the early nineties. Featuring distorted deep bass, dirty action drums, frantic overdrive guitar riffs and atmospheric synth pad plus some additional extreme alternative effects that make the overdrive rock sound m...


Heavy industrial track with low guitars, punchy drums and fx’s Perfect for extreme, sport and other videos and ads.

Uplifting Country

Cheerful, positive and rhythmic melody in a country style. This track is created using an acoustic guitar, slide guitar, banjo, bells, piano, claps and stomps, tambourine, shaker. You can use this melody anywhere, everything is limited only by your imagination.


Very positive acoustic track created using an acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, piano, claps and stomps, tambourine, shaker. This unobtrusive track will be a great addition for your Media Projects. You can use this anywhere, everything is limited only by your imagination. It is perfect for advertising,...

Shake the world

Track mixed rock styles and accessories orchestral parts, which gives a powerful sound and creates an atmosphere of tension since the spy thriller.

Return to Life

Track contains several parts. Mysterious and melancholic beginning of the song is replaced epic and heroic continued. This track will perfectly complement any of your project: trailers, video games, film, teaser, a short video.

The Far East Shamans (Asian Neo-Folk Music)

Beautiful and powerful eastern atmosphere, mystical winds, together with hypnotic drums and charming eastern string instruments, like Erhu, Morin Khuur, Yangqin.
Yann Keerim
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