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Perpetual Will [Electronic Cinematic Hybrid Driving Epic Action]

Perpetual Will is a driving and relentless hybrid electronic cinematic track. Featuring epic low brass, modern synths, cool drum groove and unstoppable percussive elements. Perfect for modern video games, sports, promos, trailers, landscapes, nature, urban, cars, motorbikes, trucks, sci-fi, racing, ...

Get The Gains [Rock Stomp Wild Sports Driving Action Workout]

Get The Gains is a confident anthem rock with aggressive electric guitar, motivational synth bass and driving drums and stomps with a heavy triplet groove. Best for sports, highlights, workout and fitness content, competition, gaming, and many more.

Cool Motorcycle Ride (Old School Rock And Roll)

Cool Motorcycle Ride (Old School Rock And Roll) is a driving and heavy blues rock music track. The distorted guitars in open C tuning sound like the roaring of an engine of a motor and creates an image of a tough biker riding down a highway on a Harley Davidson. It also features mid-tempo drums, dru...

Dirty Electro Sport

Aggressive & Action Sport music This Sports Action Music will be perfect for: energetic trailer, game trailer, dynamic driving video, motivational video, sports video, energetic video, dynamic advertising, extreme sport video, motocross video, video about motorbike, sports theme video and other ...

High Horsepower [Stomp Hard Rock Driving Action Trucks]

High Horsepower is a hard rock tune with driving, powerful and tough vibes. Features electric guitar with slide, fuzzy and high gain tones, stomps and claps, electric bass and fxs. Best for action, sports, cars, trucks, off-road, bikers, stadium, body building, workout, extreme sports, UFC, and many...

Big Four

Thrash metal track with bright distorted guitars, bass, drums and high energy. This track sounds like old Metallica and Slayer. Perfect for dynemic sports project, combats, race projects etc.

Top Gun

Powerful Alternative Rock with distortion guitars and heavy drums. Action track with tight deep sound and cool riffs. Perfect for TV projects, internet projects, presentations, websites, movies, commercials and other media projects. Archive include: full version(2:15), short version(0:16) and backg...
Yann Keerim
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