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Dirty Garage Rock

Dynamic and powerful rock music with driving guitars, punchy drums in hard rock style. Great for sport videos, moto and car videos and more.

Driving Southern Rock

Driving Southern Rock is a very cool track with nice gimmicks and lots of attitude. The track is driven by bouncy guitar riffs and root slide guitare solos. Great fit for biker, rider, car, sports, lifestyle themes and commercials as well as for trailers, movies and video games. Instrumentation : ...

Hard Rocking Outlaws

This is one of your items. Download Preview Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest Add to Favorites In Collection Hard Rocking Outlaws is a very cool Southern Rock track with nice gimmicks and lots of attitude. The track is driven by roots harmonica lines and wicked guitar solos. Great fit for ...

Badass Riders

Badass Riders is a hard hitting southern rock track with a roots, swampy sound. Great fit for biker, rider, car, sport, lifestyle, commercials or for trailers, movie and video games. Instrumentation : Electric Guitars, Slide Guitars, Bass, Drums, Cowbell, Claps

Power Rock

Power Rock is a energetic, uplifting and powerful rock for videos. Perfect for sports and extreme, opener, cars and motorcycles, any action videos.

Driving Rock

“Driving Rock” – powerful, energetic, strong and aggressive riffs in the style of hard rock and heavy metal with distortion guitar riffs, bass guitar and drums. Perfect for your action projects about extreme sport, racing, bikes, cars and fighting.

Party Rock

Party Rock is pumped up, catchy, simple, driving, upbeat, positive, dancing, powerful and tons of fun! “Rock Party” is the perfect energetic, feel good, full of holyday motivation, inspiration and positive energy summer indie rock hit designed to bring life to your project! Created atmosphere of...

Rock Idol

An exciting hard rock track with a slight 80's flavour fused with modern production. Distorted rock guitars, fuzz bass guitar, big rock drums. Excellent for advertising, action scenes/videos, chase scenes, cars, racing, formula 1, motorbikes, desert, fight scenes, sport videos, GoPro videos, extrem...

Riding My Bike To Office

An upbeat, positive royalty free Indie Rock song, with sparkly guitars, leads, bass, and drums, best for ads, travel vlogs, TV shows, Instagram, or teen videos.

The Uplifting Groove Rock

A very cool and groovy track in a classic rock style for a confident and uplifting mood. It has colorful melody lines and a warm rock tone with plenty of attitude and playfulness. Big drums, percussions, claps, bouncy riffs, guitar leads and warm bass set the mood of this catchy track. Great as a ba...

Sexy Blues Rock

A spicy, proud and laid back vintage blues rock anthem for a confident and sensual mood. It is played in a traditional Texan style and influenced by legendary guitar players such as Stevie Ray Vaughan or Billy Gibbons.


A powerful electric guitar brings energy for this music. Heavy and strong like a truck engine.

Bikes On Fire

Classic hard rock royalty free song with catchy guitar riffs, lively drums and deep bass, great for youtube presentations, slideshows, video games and Vlogs. 4 edits included. Versions included: 1:55 / 0:15 / 0:30 / 1:00

Sport Rock

Bold and charismatic electronic rock track, with electric guitars, humming vocals, dubstep effects, synths and stomping drums. Empowering sound, swagger attitude perfect for sport, automotive and action sequences.
Yann Keerim
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