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Cocktails on the Beach (Chill, Atmospheric, Carefree)

Pour yourself a cold one and kick back in an exotic location with friends and family with this uplifting and carefree electronic track.

Heart Of Africa

Cheerful african folk music with rhythmic percussions and mallets patterns, acoustic guitars and nice, positive tribal choir. With its joyful, bright mood, this track is perfect for travel blogging videos, documentaries and Africa-related media productions.

Flavours Of India

Fascinating Indian music with a cool chill out vibe. The track features traditional instruments of hindu music (sitar, bansuri, tabla, veena, tanpura) creating an enchanted, idyllic atmosphere. An exotic and relaxing musical trip perfect for documentaries, films and yoga related productions.

Good Morning Africa

Cheerful African folk music with an upbeat, positive vibe. Featuring different ethnic instruments (marimba, ukulele, percussions and acoustic/electric guitar) and backing vocals. Perfect for documentaries, travel vlogs, non-profit or ecological campaigns.

Yes We Can

Uplifting and optimistic corporate power pop. Instant energy for your next impressive imagefilm.

Yes We Can (background version)

Uplifting and optimistic corporate power pop. Instant energy for your next impressive imagefilm.

Beyond Borders

Hopeful and positive corporate pop with guitars, drums and some synth elements.

Swinging Upside Down

Grooving electro swing music track, mixing retro jazz with house dance. A modern dance-floor sound capable of retaining the energetic excitement of live brass (trumpet, trombone and clarinet) and early swing recordings. Sharp catchy themes and amazing solo improvisations.

Sunny Road

Warm and positive folk pop with acoustic guitar and hand claps. Brings a friendly and optimistic mood in every project.

Bright Day

Soft, positive acoustic track with a familiar, intimate atmosphere. Featuring ukulele, piano, hand claps, percussions and celeste.
Yann Keerim
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