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Virtual Lucidity [Electronic Floating Trip Hop Technology Dreamy]

Virtual Lucidity is a chill and floating electronic track with a focused and confident trip hop vibe. Features serious synth bass, dreamy synth pads, glitchy percussion, drum textures and cool vocal sample chops. Best for technology, landscapes, virtual reality, video games, gaming content, metavers...

Moody Break [Trap Electronic Modern Beat Chill Playful Fast]

Moody Break is a lively trap hip hop beat featuring deep 808 bass, playful synths, modern vocal chops, fast drum beat and quick hi hats. Best for gaming videos, background music for videos, advertising, youth, urban content, fashion, clothing, and more.

Perpetual Will [Electronic Cinematic Hybrid Driving Epic Action]

Perpetual Will is a driving and relentless hybrid electronic cinematic track. Featuring epic low brass, modern synths, cool drum groove and unstoppable percussive elements. Perfect for modern video games, sports, promos, trailers, landscapes, nature, urban, cars, motorbikes, trucks, sci-fi, racing, ...

Lighting Pace [Indie Pop Determined Focused Decisive Confident]

Lighting Pace is a determined and unstoppable Indie Pop track, featuring acoustic guitar, decisive electric guitar, synth melodies and drum kit creating an enlightened and focused mood. Best for technology, lifestyle, educational, discovery, documentaries, and more.

Open New Door - corporate soft focused

This one is a focused corporate-pop track with electric guitar, piano, deep bass, strings, and analog pads featuring. Perfect background for promo, business corporate videos, gadget reviews, documentaries, nature views, drone footages, and many more.

Keep Going Forward

This is a focused corporate track for promo videos, advertising, and presentations. Featuring instruments are electric guitar, piano, acoustic guitar, synth bass, pads, catchy drums. Also fits for TV commercials, real estate, gadget reviews, youtube, travel videos, or so.

Just Wondering

Inspirational piano track with orchestral background for emotive and sentimental projects. With an uplifting structure and epic character can enhance any audiovisual project focused in friendship, love and family.

Satellites Orbiting The Earth

Satellites Orbiting The Earth is a motivational electronic track with a feeling of building determination and resolution. It features throbbing synths, ambient electric guitar part, percussion and electronic drums. Style: Business, Industry (Advanced Tech), Fashion, Sci-Fi (Futuristic), Synthesiz...

Never Defeated [Stomp Rock Epic Sports Impacts Motivational]

Never Defeated is a modern stomp rock track with motivational, epic and encouraging moods. Features electric guitar riff, deep synth bass, trailer cinematic drums and percussion impacts, triplet electronic drum pattern, background vocals and cool sound fx. Best for sports, football, military, fights...


Rock riff and rhythms for an aggressive power & energy.
Yann Keerim
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