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Growing Hope

Bright and cheerful organic acoustic feel-good track. Positive and inspiring. Full of positive emotions, this uplifting, yet laid-back piece will pair well with any video. It’s suitable for just about any production: advertising, marketing, slideshows, openers, corporate presentations, family home...

Sassy Strut

Upbeat human percussion style track with vocal stabs, clicks, stomps, claps all done with organic human elements along with a bass synth line. Happy, cheeky, positive vibe. Great for commercials and ads

Reigning Hope

Anthemic Inspirational rock track, key of D, epic bombastic and motivating, dreamy guitars, vocal chops/shouts & taiko drums, lively and organic suitable for motivational content for TV/Film

Perfect Day

happy cheerful indie folk corporate track that’s organic in instrumentation and a joyful positive vibe full of acoustic elements. For Corporate programming and TV/Film underscore

Moments Of Clarity

Solemn and inspirational organic folk track with acoustic guitar, ambient pads, light percussion, and vocal hums. Surreal peaceful vibe that progressively builds. Great for tv/film montages, slice of life programming, and travel content

Back Country Memoirs

Soft acoustic folk track with organic acoustic guitars, piano, and percussion. hopeful, calm and serene vibe suited for travel, documentaries, corporate, and commercial ads

Attic Imprints

Solemn, Inspirational and Somber Acoustic Country Folk Style Track with Acoustic Guitar and Strings. Great for reflective, dramatic content and vlogs

Amazing Grace

Lazy Sunday solo blues guitar version of amazing grace..somber, reflective vibe full of heart & soul. Suitable for montages, documentaries, and dramatic content

Acoustic guitars play a beautiful melody

Acoustic guitars play a beautiful, warm, thematic melody over a pulsating rhythm. Use as a theme or underscore for TV, Film romantic, inspirational, contemplative, joyful or mellow scenes.

Indie Acoustic

This relaxing track is great for photo slideshows, family movies, wedding videos, commercials, or any project needing a relaxed and organic vibe.

Acoustic Music

A sentimental, mellow, warm glow surrounds this track featuring acoustic guitar and piano. This relaxing track is great for photo slideshows, family movies, wedding videos, commercials, or any project needing a relaxed and organic vibe.


A crazy, tense royalty free music piece with a breath made rhythm, dark screams, eerie sfx and piano bits, best for horror movies, trailers, intros or openers.

Dinner For Two

Driving, action, eastern style horror and action trailer with extraordinary sound design.

Withered Roses

Driving, action and horror trailer music with staccato strings and sound design elements.

Dragon And Tiger

A dramatic and tense track, with orchestral strings, drums, brass. Great for battle themes in films, games, tv shows, animations.

Wasted Years

A cinematic, orchestral track featuring brass, choir, drums and strings. Great for action contents, fantasy and battle themes also great as a pc game underscore and for trailers.

Falling Down

Action packed trailer music for dark themes like horror, crime and thrillers in the style of Harley Quinn with original vocals.

Foetal Position

The feeling of wanting to just “curl up” and hide, with hints of hope throughout and might fool into thinking things are calming down and soothing, but dissonant subliminal “suggestions” in form of ethereal melodies keep dragging it to the feel on inevitable need to just confront life as it ...

Little Things

Nordic crime piano underscore with organic string elements for tv crime series opener, underscore and all kind of dark thriller and horror themes.
Yann Keerim
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