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Rise Of Nations

Epic, intense, cinematic music with calm piano intro and orchestral elements for fantasy and adventure themes.

Hope For Tomorrow

Uplifting, cinematic, orchestral music for adventure and fantasy themes with calm piano intro and huge, epic, intense final.

Give Me Your Love

“Give Me Your Love” is a gentle and romantic track suitable for love stories and sentimental scenes. Perfect for wedding videos, documentaries, vlogs, TV and radio shows, advertising and marketing videos, websites, social media, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube videos, commercial projects, and any p...

Nature Chamber Ambient

Calm, meditative ambient track with piano and warm pads. This is excellent background track for documentaries, films, YouTube videos, yoga and meditation.

Electro Retro Abstract

Abstract Retro inspiring track with melodic synths, stylish drums and low powerful bass. Perfect for movie, video game, trailers, teasers, openers, endings, intros, time-lapses, documentaries and discovery videos, AE templates, sport events, youtube videos, actions scenes, movie, game videos and man...

Tropical Summer Beat

A chill tropical summer beat with marimba for the main rhythm and using a mix of organic and electronic percussion for the right feeling. Ideal for both personal and professional summer videos like travel vlogs and summer-themed advertisements. Three versions are available: Full version (2:05) 60-...

Abstract Fusion Beat

Abstract Fusion Beat track with warm lush echoed piano, echoed sounds, soft IDM glitchy drums, plucked synths. Perfect for background music, advertising and more!


Modern, emotional, gentle, abstract music. Perfect background track for social media videos, timelapse videos, vlogs, storytelling etc.


Geminal is the product of me sending a very basic structure to pianist and keyboardist Leo Genovese. He then contributed to the melodic content of the song. He also sonically defined the piece with his keyboard sounds, bringing in mind those 70s and early 80s Herbie Hancock albums. Once again, my br...

In Between the Lines

‘In Between the Lines' was practically an improvisation, with the several muted basses adding their little bricks to create the construction of the track. After programming an electronic drum beat, I realized that what was missing was the organic element that Sakir could add with his percussion. T...
Yann Keerim
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