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Mystery Case

A jazzy piano, pads and brass track creating a mysterious but at the same time playful and slightly comic atmosphere. Great for youtube videos, detective movies, documentaries, animations and more.

Heading To Las Vegas

A groovy A section leads to a driving B section with catchy brass licks. Punchy drums, energetic percussion, crisp horns, cool vintage organs and a funky bass line make you want to dance! Perfect for commercials, youtube videos, tv show openers, radio jingles, podcast, vlog, and any project that nee...


Modern chill hip-hop for urban, street, fashion, commercial video. Good for vlog, city travel video, summer, autumn video and presentation. Excellent for chill, relax and lounge atmosphere in video

Sunny Electro Swing

A positive, funny electro swing track with quirky retro vibes. Perfect for TV commercials, advertising, comedy, animation, cartoon, kids projects, youtube videos and many more.

Fun and Upbeat Jazz

Upbeat, fun and groovy background music track with addictive big band horns, jazz piano and groovy drum and percussions. Perfect for any video like presentation, explainer, tutorial, commercial, advertising, training videos, infomercials, slideshows, intros and openers, product / brand advertising, ...

Feel Good (Jazz Hip-Hop Beat)

Groovy, jazzy, lo-fi hip-hop beat. Perfect background music for vlogs, TV, and ads.

Pensive Mood

A mellow jazz track with piano, upright bass, and drums suitable for film/tv scenes that requires a laid back jazz backgrounds, an intimate moment, or a quiet romantic night.

Gonna Get Better - Inspirational Easy Hip Hop

Highly inspirational, jazzy, playful, light, chill, care-free, easygoing, positive, light and motivational hip hop/urban audio background! Perfect for sports, travel, gaming, kids education, self-improvement, make up and tech tutorial vlogs and videos!
Yann Keerim
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