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Happy People

Happy People Instrumental acoustic uplifting and happy music, composed for acoustic, muted and electric guitars, piano and strings, ideal for commercials, advertising and promos. Also great for films. tv series and other productions with very happy and peaceful situations.


‘Epilogue’ is exactly what its title suggests. I wanted to bring a closure to this musical exploration with a free improvisation, over a hypnotic set of bowed basses. I thought that it would be nice to finish this album with the feeling that it comes back to where it started, that is with the na...

Remember your birthday

Remember your birthday is an instrumental composition that came up to marry two miscellaneous timbres, the brass instruments and the kanun, in the limits of a big band. The aspiration of this track is humorous because it is hard for me to remember the birthday of my own people.

Cultured People [Jazz Trio Mellow Pleasing Sophisticated Romantic]

Cultured People is a pleasing and mellow jazz tune. Featuring touching piano, satisfying upright bass and jazzy drum kit creating a profound mood. Best for cocktails, restaurant, sophisticated and luxury content, retro, vintage and old fashioned videos, romance and love, arts, culture, explainer, tu...

Footsteps (Person Walking By)

This is a simple sound of someone walking. Perfect for a wide array of projects – this is useful for corporate presentations, YouTube clips, sound design, video production, animations, video games, cartoons, cinematic projects, films, television shows, school projects, meditation tracks, and m...

Keep Going Forward

This is a focused corporate track for promo videos, advertising, and presentations. Featuring instruments are electric guitar, piano, acoustic guitar, synth bass, pads, catchy drums. Also fits for TV commercials, real estate, gadget reviews, youtube, travel videos, or so.

Ambient Disco

Disco Dance funk R&B groove. Concepts - Club, culture, dance, beat, DJ, Mixing, people, Dancing, Nightime ,Weekend,fun, disco, funk, soul ,r&b ,underscore, background, beat,bass drum ,funky, keyboards, media, dance, floor.

Its Hot Down South

This is a country rock song. It is a fun rockin' honky tonk song good for parties. It is about a man having a great time at a bar, enjoying the people and music, and having fun with a woman.
Yann Keerim
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