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Product Presentation (loop)

Composer: MDM MUSIC
A slow tempo upbeat corporate theme with acoustic piano, soft synth pads and drums

Business Trip

An uplifting and positive track that creates the feeling of freedom, world peace, success and fulfillment. Great for Film/Tv advertising, corporate branding/presentation, website, documentary, infomercial, new product launch.

Everyone Has a Story

Composer: EGProductions
Romantic score with acoustic piano, soft strings and beautiful female voice. An elegant choice for wedding videos, creative projects, films or documentaries.


Composer: EGProductions
Romantic score with acoustic piano, soft strings and harp. Ideal for films, documentaries and wedding videos. Full of tenderness, sounds dreamy and passionate.

Rock And Run

Composer: Piranhasound
A fresh, powerful, strong, Inspiring, hopeful, melodic, upbeat alt rock track with a driving guitar riff. Perfect for any uplifting, motivational and inspiring videos, commercials, corporate projects, movie trailers, radio, presentations, games, youtube videos, sports video, footages, films, adverti...

Enjoying the Moment

Composer: EGProductions
Motivational, fresh, upbeat track full of emotion and life. With acoustic instruments and synths. It’s a good choice for corporate projects, advertising and television.


Composer: EGProductions
Emotional composition featuring ethnic flutes, underlying strings and gospel choir. Eminently suitable for trailers, cinematic projects and presentations.

Electronic Logo

Composer: EGProductions
Futuristic electronic ident, soft and ethereal, perfect for background music, presentations, videos, brands and other media projects.

Eagle Eye

Composer: EGProductions
Cinematic pop with piano, strings, guitars and drums. Powerful and rhythmic, this track is a good choice for creative videos and corporate projects.

Dynamic Jazz Logo

Composer: EGProductions
Motivational jazz with bass clarinet, piano and drums. Great for commercials, television themes and websites.

Ride to Happiness

Composer: Michael Adels
Optimistic song featuring electric guitars, piano and drums. Very uplifting feeling for promo videos, advertising, corporate and much more.

Cool Corporate

Composer: Michael Adels
Tight and straight background track with a static bass groove, electric guitars and synth elements. Suits perfect in modern corporate videos, explainer videos and many more.


Composer: Michael Adels
Positive and light pop music for advertising, lifestyle videos, slideshows, commercials and much more.

Vitality (background version)

Composer: Michael Adels
Positive and light pop music for advertising, lifestyle videos, slideshows, commercials and much more.


Composer: EGProductions
Motivational, inspiring pop tune, featuring a dynamic acoustic piano, underlying strings and pulsing drums. A fresh, positive song perfect for business presentations, corporate videos, advertising or product promos. Enhance your projects with this energetic instrumental!

Dramatic Intro

Composer: EGProductions
Emotional intro with orchestra and violin. This dramatic score is perfect for films, videos and documentaries.

Dirty Deals

Composer: EGProductions
Powerful cinematic score with synths and imposing percussion. Good choice for trailers, cinematic projects or action films.

Deck the Halls

Composer: EGProductions
Magical Christmas carol with orchestra and children’s choir, featuring bells, piccolo and melodic strings; perfect for celebrations, holidays and corporate projects.

Dancing with the River

Composer: EGProductiond
Rhythmic and traditional track with Shakuhachi, orchestra, choir and ethnic percussion. Fresh, happy and hopeful.

Dancing Leaves

Composer: EGProductions
Happy, cheerful intro with acoustic instruments, featuring pizzicato, clarinet and glockenspiel. Perfect for creative projects and children’s videos.
Yann Keerim
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