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Blue Sky

"Blue Sky" is a gentle and serene ambient meditation that invites you to bask in the tranquil embrace of the vast blue sky. As you listen, allow yourself to be carried away on a journey of liberation and healing. Just like the reassuring presence of a clear blue sky, this composition aims to uplift ...

Lofi Sleepy Waves [PACK]

Atmospheric and delicate, with lo-fi chillwave elements, where recording imperfections and glitches are a core feature, like audible vinyl noise which increase analog warmth and retro feel. Jazzy electric piano and hip-hop beat for a cool and relaxing mood.

Keep Dreaming // LoFi Hip-Hop Background Chill Ambient [PACK]

Keep Dreaming is a smooth and mellow lofi hip-hop ambient tune with groovy and jazzy vibes. Perfect for vlog with chill atmosphere, background music, YouTube videos, travels, fashion, business, presentation, wellness, healthy lifestyle, tutorial or streaming background music, science... Features ele...

Qi Gong Master [PACK]

This relaxing piece of world music is perfect for practicing qi gong, tai chi, yoga or any meditation method. You may also use it for relaxed nature videos. It's a mix of traditional Chinese instruments and synth pads.

Lush Vibes [PACK]

Lush and elegant ambient music with fancy piano arpeggios, atmospheirc pads and laid-back hip hop drums groove. Positive, serene mood. Elevator atmosphere, perfect for lounge situations, cocktail background, spa, relaxation, cosmetics and beauty industry.

Fragile Planet [PACK]

Soft and ethereal Ambient Chillout music with hypnotic piano cadence and warm pads. Drums and harmonious strings increase the inspirational atmosphere of this piece. Great for nature documentaries, drone videos, beauty and wellness related productions, this track is particularly suitable for conveyi...

Luxury Dream [PACK]

Elegant and flowing, featuring piano and orchestra. Suspended contemplative atmosphere, with a dreamy ethereal mood. Perfect for visual arts concepts, luxury and beauty related commercials, films and documentaries.

Meditation Resolution Background

The perfect background track for guided meditations, yoga or other productions in need of a calm relaxing soundscape.

Classical Elegance [PACK]

Ambient chillstep track with a cool atmospheric sound mixing classical orchestra and electro grooves. Light piano arpeggios, lively chamber strings, vaporwave pads and glitchy drums. Perfect for stylish presentations, luxury and technology related videos, commercials and documentaries.

Floating Spa

An ambient chill song with soft synth pads, warm piano and light waves atmosphere. Evokes feelings of calmness, ease and relaxation. Perfect for wellness, spa and meditation.

Be Carefree [Laid Back Podcast Intro Soft Rock Alternative]

Cool indie carefree music. Upbeat, uplifting, driving and easy listening track featuring rhythm and muted guitars, catchy melody and whistling. Evokes happiness, confidence, joy, wellness and motivation. perfect for promotional videos, carefree videos, cooking videos, home videos, advertisements,...

Calm Background Ambient

Instrumental music made for piano, synth pads and soundscapes. The music is ethereal, calm and relaxing. the mood is positive and peaceful. This music is a perfect background for healthy and relaxed topics, also for nature documentaries, and other projects with similar relaxing ethereal topics and i...

An Angelical Dimension

A hopeful, inspiring royalty free ambient piece, with a dreamy piano, pads, bells and building percussion, best for documentaries, spiritual topics, aerial shots or nature visuals.

The Journey

Atmospheric chillout that takes us on a journey through natural landscapes. Soft guitars, ambient pads, subtle voices and rolling beats. Perfect for nature pictures, wellness and travel.

Inspiring Ethereal Sentimental

Nice song, composed for Cello, guitar, piano and synthesized pads. Describes a very romantic or love scenes. Also appropiate for nature descriptions, with very special sensations: elevation, mystic, rising good and calm emotions.. Good for TV advertising or film and movie.

Jazz in the Mind

Jazz song, with some fusion influences from 60's. Romantic and nice.
Yann Keerim
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