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Pleasant Day In The Country

Uplifting, elegant piece with happy-go-lucky orchestral arrangements. Grand, stately film score atmosphere.

Noble Statesman

Uplifting elegant orchestral piece with noble, stately feel.

Touch Of Class

Intricate and grand classical piece performed on piano with orchestral accompaniment. A true charming, stately feel.

Each New Day

Happy-go-lucky orchestral piece with elegant, majestic feel.

Hopping Around

Quirky orchestral track - great for film score, children's or comedy scenes. melodic and fun!

Feeling Love For You

Beautiful, elegant orchestral piece with charming, quirky instrumentation.

Your Tender Touch

Dreamy, emotional orchestral piece with harp, piano, bells and strings. Begins softly, then gradually builds throughout - very inspiring and sentimental.

Thinking Of Your Smile

Delicate, emotional piano piece. Reflective, dreamy atmosphere throughout, with a sense of hope and optimism.

Striving For Greatness

Uplifting, emotional piece with piano, strings, choir and solid drum groove. Proud, victorious feel - great for powerful, heart-felt, inspiring music!

Sky Is The Limit

Uplifting, optimistic track with solid beat, piano and synths. Great for positive, celebratory music!

Mysteriously Moving Around

Quirky & comical, yet a little mysterious, this delightful orchestral piece has a classy cinematic feel - great for film/cartoon/spy scenes.

My Perfect Day

Very uplifting, happy piece beginning with delicate piano melody, bells & acoustic guitar, then building with strings and drums. Fun, inspiring, optimistic and celebratory atmosphere!

Keeps Getting Better

Happy-go-lucky track with quirky, uplifting instrumentation. Great for children's use, or anything requiring carefree, light-hearted music. Comical, simple and fun!

Keeping My Inner Cool

Sexy, laid-back Urban/Hip Hop track with groovy beat, piano and synths. Great for subtle background music!

Childish Antics

Quirky, comical piece with childish, carefree feel. Bells and bass! Great for light-hearted humorous scene!

Both Of Us

Uplifting, happy piece with acoustic guitar and bells. Great for simple, melodic, joyful background music!

Baby Steps

Quirky, happy piece with childish and comical feel. Great for light-hearted, carefree scene. Piano, hand claps and bass guitar. Catchy and uplifting!

Undying Love

A beautifully performed piece filled with elegance and pouring emotion. Grand piano with orchestral accompaniment. Perfect for romance scene.

Undying Love (solo piano)

A beautiful solo piano piece filled with elegance and pouring emotion. Perfect for romance scene.

Samba Festival

Upbeat, energetic Samba with elegant cocktail lounge feel. Melodic, light-hearted and fun. Great for happy scene.
Yann Keerim
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